Hog roast and insomnia

It is 3.30 am and once again I cannot sleep.  I am watching films and mucking about with my computer.  I have colour co-ordinated the display on my monitor, so that all my buttons, icons, wall paper and sidebar are all blue themed.  This shows just how bored I am.

screenshot I have many films on my computer, which I can watch on my telly, via a connector, so at least I am not reduced to watching the rubbish that is televised at this hour. 

Terry and I are probably going out to lunch at the pub where my son is the chef.  My brother and his lady will also be going.  It depends on how my leg feels in the morning.  It should be a fun day.

scan0001Right, one more cigarette and I shall try to get some shut eye.  I got the results from some tests and my eyes are fine and my cholesterol is lower, so I have been doing something right.  See ya, Pen.



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6 responses to “Hog roast and insomnia

  1. Jodine Derena

    Poor baby! Insomnia is a killer (coming from one who knows)…and so are the fags. But I do find after a blog and a fag, that I become better able to sleep. I also don’t wake up until about 10-11am the following day, so I do end up with a good amount of sleep when it comes. Just my clock is a little off. I’m a nightowl and resigned to this fact. Some people are early birds. K is an early bird…so we are like passing ships in the night. Not good for the relationship either. Jx

  2. Jodine Derena

    It’s 2.39 PM here at the moment. Jx

  3. Jodine Derena

    Hey..you are in Kent! This is one of the FIRST places I am visiting as my grandfather was born in Kent in 1918! In Tenterton to be exact. I plan to go there for him as he always wanted to return but never made it back. I would love to catch up with you Pen…if I make it out of New Zealand myself! Jx

  4. Curiosity

    Earth Sprite…Tenterden is a lovely place, bit posh though. It is about 20 miles from me. Attracts a lot of tourists.Penny….tracing the family tree sends me to sleep, especially after hours and hours of tracking down all sorts of info. I drift off to the land of nod quite happily and content as I try to picture the local sights, sounds and lives they led. I now have the strangest feeling of belonging where I live as I have found so many ancestors lived locally to me right back to at least the 1650’s.

  5. Curiosity

    And one of them was Mayor of Margate.

  6. ..

    Oh waw … nice blue theme diplay there !!! The lunch at pub sounds wonderful !!! Wish you a GREAT time !!! Let us know how it went ??!!I am SUPER happy that your eyes and fine and cholesterol better !!! I see that Wendell is taking good care of you !!! Good on him !!! heheheHave a beautiful and happy week ! LOVE, Alex xxxx

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