If wishes were paragraphs, I would be famous.

There are days when I wish I could write; not just a daily diary but a novel of epic proportions.  Plots and characters seethe beneath the surface of my apathy and I feel the stirrings of literary passion.  I have always been an avid  reader since I can remember.  I was brought up on a strange mix of science fiction, westerns and classical literature.  My preferred genre now is crime fiction, which I devour voraciously.  I read in the bath, on the loo, in bed and at the quacks.  The only time I am not smoking is when I am reading, for I am too engrossed in my book, to bother lighting up.  Despite my occasional desire to throw my hat into the ring and set about writing my own jewel in the crown of literary masterpieces, I have come to the conclusion that, apart from my own inadequacies, I am indeed far too lazy to even begin the first sentence.  I shall, therefore, resign myself to the wonderful pleasure of reading the superior outpourings of those who have the talent, stamina and intelligence to create a world of magic for me.  



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18 responses to “If wishes were paragraphs, I would be famous.

  1. Louise

    I used to read a lot too Pen, then I got Norman and the nicest of things have been ruined by the constant mum, mum, mums. No more engrossed in a good book for me lol. Maybe when he’s drop kicked off the front step I will get a lot of my lost loves back lol.Bright Blessings xxx


    Begin with a good character and then think how you want them to be and what you want them to do… it sort of goes form there.. Do not try and formulate huge plots until you have several characters you are happy with… Try writing short stories first with simple reasons behind them… Let it out Penny… I write what I am feeling each day and I challenge myself on spaces as I write as I put things down then blog them and as I cannot go back I have to find solutions for my characters to carry on or not hhahaha.Have a great day..D.XX

  3. penny

    @Fatman….. cheers mate but I think you missed the too lazy section.


    Get busy, i will ecpect results byt he time I am home hahaha

  5. Jodine Derena

    Yes. I was told in class to just start with a sentence and work it from there without any idea of where it is going and let it meander onto your page. I tried this and fairly soon a story comes from it. Try starting with writing short soties. These can be a small as 500 words and up to 10,000 words. Just start with a sentence…and keep building it… Love to you. Jx


    @Earth Sprite, Pen thinks she is lazy but manages to blog interesting things here hahahha which is a start to writing a story…! Hahhahaha

  7. Jodine Derena

    I know! She is already writing sentences that grab our attention! Perhaps me and you Pen could do a collaborative short story together by writing half a page or so each? This was one of the exercises in class too. The class had to all do a piece in an on-line tutorial. The story that unfolded was actually quite good! I could start? Jx

  8. penny

    @ Fatman+Jodie. Set myself up there, eh? I was just waffling on, filling in time and space, blah, blah. Thanks for kind words but this insular , little person just ducked her head back into her shell.


    @Earth Sprite.. we need to get Penny to th top of the slope hahhah and give her a push….@Penny…Thought you looked for shells not hide in them hahah

  10. Jodine Derena

    Coochy coochy coo…where are you? LMFAO! Jx

  11. Deb's

    Hiya Pen ((hugs))I used to read a lot too, but the arrival of the computer in my life seems to have replaced the need to read with a passion to write…. lol i have no doubt when you cease to be impressed with what you are reading you will find the motivation to write the stories of your own creation.just had a looksee at your garden hun… its looking good, and noticed we have a couple of similar plants… bleeding hearts & euphorbia, i know my plant.. bleeding hearts is looking great this year, far more flowers on it, to last year. have a great day hunlove n hugsdebsxXx

  12. Jennifer

    You write well, Pen, especially your poems, they are full of expressive forces and emotions. Being lazy is never an excuse for writers, save that we can use the time that we spend smoking to write something creative and original. Having our ideas be read by others is a great pleasure, isn’t it? I am fascinated by detective stories, so I decided to write a detective story of my own. Although I will give Sherlock Holmes a brief vocation once in a while when I am lazy, I do have fun in designing the plot and watching my characters come alive! You will have fun too! Jen: )

  13. penny

    @ Jen…..thanks for your kind words.

  14. ..

    OK, I’ll just ignore the "too lazy" part, OK? I really think you should give it a try, because writing seem to come naturally to you. It is always a pleasure to read you blogs !!! Just think about it and maybe give it a try one day. You never know … LOVE, Alex xxx

  15. FATMAN

    @Alex hahahhaha Me and ‘J’ tried beaing her with baseball bats earlier but to no avail… I think Pen Bu**ered off to the beach like yesterday..?

  16. penny

    @ Fatman……beach, park, shopping and laughs with man and dog…no time for writing.@ Alex…..Fatman, Jodie and others, write enough for me, yourself included.

  17. FATMAN

    @Penny… Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle away hahhaha

  18. ..

    Well Pen, famous or not … you’re still my #1 !!!Take care and have a wonderful night. LOVE, Alex xxx

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