Yet another glorious day in sunny Margate and we three beachcombers were out, having fun by the seaside.  The beach is closed to dogs from May onwards, so we have to cram as much sand digging in as we can.  I say we but of course, most of the digging is done by Wendell.  Terry and I limit any digging to looking for interesting shells.  I would love to find some curiously shaped driftwood but I have been unlucky so far.  The garden is full of spring colour and I believe I have the smallest wallflower ever.  Yeah, yeah, ‘cause it is trapped in the paving.  The pain of arthritis dissipates on days like this.



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6 responses to “Beachcombers

  1. ..

    The flowers are just BEAUTIFUL !!! I can tell you love to take care of them !!!Take good care and enjoy the GLORIUS day !!! LOVE, Alex xxx


    I love collecting driftwood Penny…. I have a collection of shells from the Outer Hebrides and wood I picked up on the beaches there.. Around my flat in Cornwall I have all sort of beach bric-a-brac which i have picked up over the years… When I get back I will take some pics to show you..My prized possesion is a Sea Bean which I found on Whipsderry Beach at Newquay… It is the seed of the Mahogany tree I believe but I could be wrong… The flat is painted out in sea and beach colours and I have picked up lots of granit pebbles over the years andi fact I made a lamp out of one large one… Apparently it is 330 million years old, so how is that for antique ahahahYou have a lovely garden it must be so beautiful now with the sun out….D.XX

  3. Karen

    Lovely pics :) do you have a sandy beach nearby then? We only have stones round our way lol, have a lovely evening luv Karen x

  4. penny

    @ Fatman, yep you have made me jealous@ Karen, yep the beaches are all sandy in Margate.

  5. Karen

    See I’m so untravelled don’t think I’ve ever been to Margate! Not like it’s the end of earth either :S luv Karen x


    Ah Penny I have been collecting for years and years… Well all my life hahhaha… I always pick up a stone or piece of wood where ever I travel to… In fact although I did not collect them my garden is covered in Cornish beach pebbles from Gunwalloe on the Lizard…

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