It is a beautiful sunny day outside.  The sea mist of early morn has faded and it feels like summer.  I am off to the quacks to see the nurse for my six monthly diabetic check up.  I expect to be told off, because I have gained weight over the winter…oh well.

NURSE[2]My leg has almost recovered from my little slip up.  I shall try hard to not limp my way in.  Anyway, I had better make a move soon, Pen.



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5 responses to “Nurse

  1. ..

    Take care my friend !!! I am glad you recovered a bit. Have a bright and wonderful day. LOVE, Alex xxx

  2. penny

    Back from seeing the nurse with my head hanging low. BP177/101. Sheesh. I have gained 4 kilos, sugar levels are up and I gotta go back next week for more blood pressure tests and there was me, feeling fit as a fiddle, apart from a little pain. Hey ho!

  3. Robin

    Hi Penny, never mind. At least they are taking good care of you.Walking Wendell should burn a few calories.Walk faster Penny. LOL Take care , love

  4. Curiosity

    It seems to me that all the weighing scales are wrong. I would never let myself weigh as much as they say I do!!Did you own up to the nurse as to the extent of your alcohol abuse the other day? My friend used to get bad tempered and argumentative when his sugar levels were not quite right, lucky we could just about tell when a tantrum was about to happen and ask if he had taken his insulin before he got unreasonable.Take it easy and get your b.p down for next week.

  5. Sheila

    Hi Pen news like that you can do without hope you get it sorted out soon. Sounds like a nice day there (or should I say Yesterday) many blessings xx

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