When I was younger, I lived a reasonably wild life.  As a sedate, matronly, middle aged woman, I try to moderate my behaviour in keeping with my advancing years.  Yesterday, I blew that out of the water in pretty spectacular style.  I got drunk.  No reason for it, it just felt right, if you know what I mean.  I managed a horrible argument with Terry, stomped from the room and fell over, bruising my knee and twisting my hip.  Not good for the arthritis.  Now,I can hardly move for the pain.  It is all my own fault; have nobody else to blame and will probably suffer for days.  Terry has forgiven me, this morning and I cannot even think about drinking again.  I am too old for this sh*t



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15 responses to “Misbehaviour


    Up the rebels ha , but in later years moderation is the rebal call lol Pent up fustration is every where

  2. Malcolm

    If someone plies you with drink (in order to get you drunk) that’s SADISM; if on the other hand you ply yourself with drink (and get horribly drunk) that’s MASOCHISM. My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time of travail! To be young and wild – that’s natural; to be middle-aged and wild – that’s eccentric!

  3. Karen

    Lol, oh yes I can relate to that, I used to be fairly accomplished at this drinking lark, last night I had a small glass of Baileys and my heads a bit fuzzy today :( Hope you get better soon (with the pains I mean not the drinking lol) luv Karen x

  4. Robin

    Hello Penny. Don’t beat your self up!Think the falling over is enough punishment don’t you.As for you being matronly, well, i did laugh at that! Sorry.hope the pain doesn’t last long. Love Robin. Big hug on the way.xxx

  5. ..

    Yeah, I know what you mean … Hehe .. you haven’t been a good girl these days huh?I "left you alone" for three days only and look what you’ve done !!!I am really sorry for the "accident" and I hope your pain goes away soon !!!!! Nah, you can drink again, why not? Just PLEASE dont break your neck, will ya? Please take good care & hope all will be better soon !!! LOVE, Alex xxx

  6. ravingpoet

    ….you could have a small glass of something to take your mind off the pain..? J x

  7. Martin

    But answer me this, before it went wromg were you having fun? as long as that is a yes those nasty bits and Terry looking after you should make them fade away :-)And besides we have to have our moments or life would be boring LOL

  8. oh noooo.. Too bad you hurt your self. I always do too with a bad headache even if its just two glasses of wine. Hope your doing better.

  9. Jodine Derena

    Aw Pen! I so know where you are coming from. IT’s NOT FAIR! Gone are the days where we ‘bounced’ instead of hitting the ground like a ton of bricks… Live and Learn….till next time (hehe). Jx

  10. Happy

    Ah Penny, I’m really sorry to hear this happened. Glad you and Terry made up. So important. & having arthritis I really understand painfulness. {BIG HUG} Much love to you. Big wishes for ultra-speedy healing.

  11. FATMAN

    Sorry to hear you had an accident for what ever reason and I hope you recover quickly… Warmth followed by cold is good for injuries… I used a hot water bottle followed by a bag of peas, works for me… Either that or a large dose of pain killers…Hope you feel much better by the end of the day..FATMAN XX

  12. Jennifer

    I’m sorry to hear that, Pen. Hope you are feeling better now. No reason for you to blame yourself, we need go crazy once in a while. Honestly speaking, I hope I could have the gut to get drunk once and feel what it is like. Jen : )

  13. Curiosity

    So you were going for a pirate look this week. All those tall ships put thoughts of Navy Rum in your mind hence the alcohol consumption and excuse for using crutches. Aye Aye Captain.Seriously though I hope you are recovering and feeling better.

  14. Happy

    Hello just dropping in. Hoping pain is reduced. :)

  15. Deb's

    good morning Penny, ((hugs))I heard a rumour you’d hit the bottle and it hit you back, sounds like you need some padded knickers my girl… or at the very least some bubble wrap for those hips to keep you protected. ;))take it easy hun and get some arnica on for the bruising, as for the next drinking session gimme a shout that way I’ll fit ya up intravaenously (trust me it solves allll the problems of falling over) get well love n hugsdebsxXxps thank you for the welcome back ((hugs))

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