Tall Ships in Ramsgate

We went to Ramsgate today, to see the tall ships.  They were delayed a day, so we were lucky.  How magnificent they look.  Wendell thought so, too. 




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10 responses to “Tall Ships in Ramsgate

  1. Curiosity

    Takes me back to my youth trying to make an Airfix model for my brother. That was all sailing masts and rigging.The ships look great, I’d love to see them as a fleet full sail.Do you know how long they are in Ramsgate?

  2. ..

    Penny these are excellent pictures !!!!! LOVE THEM.I’ve tried to see the entire album, but I can’t. Why’s that?LOVE, Alex xxxPS. When I go to the photo album it shows empty !!!

  3. penny

    Thanks Alex, the photos are now there.

  4. Robin

    Morning Penny, great photos.

  5. Happy

    Wow, these are amazing ships. Occasionally we see a tall ship in one of several YVR harbours. More often we see giant-sizedd yachts and tugs. Love strolling and boat watching. Sounds like a great mini-trip. Take care. :)

  6. Jessica

    Don’t you find these ships so romantic? Something about the wind billowing in the sails.

  7. penny

    A different time, Jess. Love it.

  8. Martin

    They are spectacular ships and great photography too :-)

  9. Jennifer

    These ships look really tall, Pen. Are they for passagers or for cargo? Glad to hear Wendell thought so too. 😉

  10. Andrew

    Oooooooo And I missed them, just down the road , and I missed them….

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