Another glorious day in sunny Margate.It is like a warm summer’s day outside.  Wendell and I shall go to the local park today, instead of the beach, which is far too busy at present.  I have no trouble getting Wendell to come back to me but he does want to run up to and greet everybody in his own tights scagging kind of way.  Not everyone appreciates this. 

Everything in the garden is coming to life, now.  The fuchsias are in leaf, the begonias are sprouting and my ceanothus is in full bud.  I am not sure whether to grow tomatoes this year.  The cherry tomato I grew last year was a great success but he made an awful mess towards the end of the season.  I may try my hand at bell peppers this year.  I love this time of year, when everything is young and fresh after the winter and I have so much pleasure to look forward to.  Terry and I work very well as a team and our ideas and methods are very similar.  That does not stop me nagging, though!


File:Ceanothus griseus var horizontalis 2.jpg



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6 responses to “Glorious

  1. Robin

    Morning Penny. It’s so nice to have this lovely weather after the winter months.It’s good that Wendell is a sociable chap. I think most people are tolerant of a young pup.I’ve got a couple of hanging baskets which were reduced at Morrisons. They just needed water! So, another bargain for me. It’s nice to know you and Terry work together as a team. So important in any relationship. Well, that’s my opinion.Love the photo.Have a lovely day Penny. Love

  2. Jessica

    Me and flowers don’t get on very well. If I went into medicine and had the same effect on patients as I do on flowers then there would be a lot of dead people around! Perhaps you could run a ‘gardening blog’ on your site to help fools like me!

  3. Jane

    Hope you had a good enjoyable walk with Wendall. My two youg girls like to say hello to people when they are out on a walk. But I can call them back if needed. Think it might be bacause I always have a pocket full of titbits!

  4. Sheila

    Lovely Pen hope you and Wendell had a lovely walk. Yes it is a lovely time of year Pen,we had a lovely sunshine warm day on Easter Sunday. xx Hugs Sheila

  5. ..

    Beautiful flowers Penny!!!! It looks indeed like a glorious day!ENJOY AND BE HAPPY. Say hi and all the best from me to Wendell and Terry , of course.LOVE, Alex xxx

  6. Happy

    Wow your plants are quite ahead of YVR. Cheery cherry blossom festival one month late. Some tiny magnolias just start to burst. Even some daffodils are just making appearance. The cycle feels delayed and is much chat in YVR about when will we get to garden properly. Have you grown broccoli, a bit of fuss but it is so cool to eat homegrown brocoli. I also like decorative Chinese cabbages…ornamental cabbage is just a neat and beautiful plant. Hope you and Wendell had a lovely walk today. :).

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