Childhood- first memory


My earliest memory is of the first time I ran away. I was two years old at the time. Both my parents were working and the woman who was paid to look after my elder sister and I said I must wait until my mother came home, before going to the park The second her back was turned, I left the house and marched resolutely to the local park..[my nickname was juggernaut] I remember a pack of excited dogs running past me and feeling afraid because they were so much taller than I. I also had one busy road to cross but I eventually made it to my destination. After a hue and cry, I was found a couple of hours later, sitting in the pond and giggling to myself. That was not only my first thrashing but the last day I was left in the care of that woman. The very next day I was enrolled in the local nursery. I can still recall the excitement I felt and the smell of the place. There was an enormous rocking horse, an indoor pond and a sand pit. I thought I was in heaven. I cried when I had to leave, to start infant school, because my nursery teacher was a magical lady who never shouted or hit me. After that I became troubled and troublesome. That, of course, is a different story.



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9 responses to “Childhood- first memory

  1. Robin

    Hello Penny, Two years old and running off like that! Might have been a different tale if you had done it to-day.Nice that the nursery was fun and the teacher was how a teacher should be. Shouting and smacking children can have long term problems.So, are we going to have another installment of your life? My earliest childhood memory was falling in stinging nettles. I was only in shorts and a t-shirt. Odd, the stuff we re-call.

  2. penny

    @ Robin. I would have preferred a smack to stinging nettles any day! LOL

  3. Robin

    True, the pain wouldn’t last so long.I’m surprised i never broke anything. I was a tom-boy, always climbing trees and fighting! (Play fighting of course.) LOLBuilding dens was one of my favourites. What fun!Blimey Penny, sitting here i’m remembering all sorts of stuff.

  4. Jane

    Goodness… You were lucky not to get run over. But of course, there was a lot less traffic then.My earliest memory is being in one of those papier mashey type baby baths in the kitchen in front of the big Aga cooker!

  5. ravingpoet

    one of my earliest memories is jumping from a climbing frame shouting ‘look what I can do, nan,’ and breaking my arm. Climbing frames used to have a concrete base in those days. I have another memory of floods, and my mother talking down to someone in a boat from the bedroom window, but she says the floods didn’t come up as far as where we lived in the village, so I guess that one is a false memory. The broken arm was very real. I can remember skipping at nursery school with a big plaster cast.

  6. Happy

    What an amazingly brave two-year old you were Penny. I am so impressed at your spatial skills to know where to go and how to get there. What an adventurer or heart and soul you were. Sorry about the thrashing. Sometimes frightening people seem to get into overkill. Glad the nursery school was such a place of wonder and stimulation. For some reason I can see you on the giant rocking horse and it makes me feel happy for you. One of my earlier memories is riding in the sleight with my grandfather, a real old fashioned sleigh drawn by the world’s oldest horse, named Quenie. I can still feel the warmth as I was tucked into blankets and then the speed of the runner sleigh as we went into a town of two building to collect mail and shop. It was a joyous adventure ride.

  7. penny

    @ Sharilyn. I was a very determined and aware child, right from the start. Your memory sounds blissful.

  8. Hi Penny, One of my earlies memeories was with my sister and brother in Germany on an airforce base and playin outside. Also the tanks that we saw all the time and the Concentration Camps for the side of the Audobon. Thanks for stopping. Im ok. Just over doing lots. Too much and tired. This is hard in many areas . Hope your well and doing goodHugs

  9. ..

    Awww … nice memories Penny! I was raised by my mom’s parents until I was 3-4. They had this huge, beautifull orchard and spring time … was always a dream land for me. I used to run around the trees and shake their branches and flower petals would come down on my face and hair … and all those beautiful flower perfumes and colours … it was just magic !!! I’d like to do that again one day …Take good care of you and have and excellent and happy day. LOVE, Alex xxx

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