Child of the fifties

Child of the fifties

Hopscotch on the paving

Crumpets by the fire

Hoopla hoops and chicken coops

And singing in the choir

Climbing trees and barking knees

And playing jacks ‘till late

Treasure chests and robin’s nests

And swinging on the gate

Snowman in the garden

Snow fights on the lawn

Ringlet locks and grubby socks

And waking up at dawn

Tadpoles in a jam jar

Cress on flannelette

Fireworks and baking perks

And wonderful chemistry set

Donkeys at the seaside

Brass band in the park

Sunday roast and buttered toast

Childhood was a lark




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7 responses to “Child of the fifties

  1. Karen

    Lovely, actually sounds very like childhood in the 70’s to me too, see the things kids enjoy is timeless :) luv Karen x

  2. Robin

    Love it Penny, What’s playing Jack’s ’till late?

  3. .

    Tadpoles in jamjars – yeah, that was great fun! I could never get the hang of jacks though. And singing in the choir – not with my voice! Lovely poem, Pen.

  4. Happy

    Love the rhythym of your poem, it feels like children skipping and the order of images just flows. Really lovely post Penny. Thank-you.

  5. Malcolm

    Nostalgia just oozes out of every line – and those were the days when nostalgia still was what it used to be! Nice verse flow.

  6. Sheila

    I like this Pen takes me back xxhugs Sheila

  7. ..

    I love it !!! It might be the childhood of 50’s but I had a lot of these in my childhood !!! I just remember one day … I was swinging on the gate until I broke it !!! Hmmm … my grandparents just adored me so nothing really happened to me … I think I did not get my fave type of honey at night time with my milk. Hehehe … things were so simple and nnice and easy back then … sigh.Take good care of you please, ok? LOVE, Alex xxxx

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