The price to pay

I have discovered , to my horror, that the price to pay for having an adolescent dog in the house is mess.  As fast as I pick up all Wendell’s toys, he is behind me, getting them out.  There are bones, in varying degrees of decomposition being laid at my feet, chew toys being shred and spread and kitchen roll thrown around with complete disregard for artistic appeal.  I vacuum clean the carpet in my sitting room twice a day, now and it still looks a fright.  Table legs get chewed, cushions are targeted and Wendell even managed to bite the loop off Terry’s belt in a sneaky, cuddle up manoeuvre.  I try to look on my new cleaning agenda as a labour of love.   Mind you, this is all a small price to pay for having the pleasure of owning such a wonderful little chap.



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11 responses to “The price to pay

  1. Robin

    Morning Penny and Wendell. He looks so chilled after making all that mess! Is that a chicken i see amongst the bones? Have a good day you two. Love

  2. ..

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted to tell you! He’s so cute and I bet soooo funny !!! I’d clean 10 times a day after this cuttie … hehehe.I am becoming quizical and musical now. Came home very late from work; approx.10:30PM(Thursday)Have an excellent day and talk to you tomorrow or … better say today but later!!!(we have Friday day off from the government – this means off and paid … perfect!!!)LOVE, Alex xxx

  3. Martin

    yes but the love he shows is worth it I bet :-)

  4. Jessica

    Look on the bright side, Penny – you could have taken on TWO dogs and had TWICE the mess! Lovely photos, and hasn’t he grown!

  5. Lam

    What a little rebel! xDThe little mess that he makes is really not as close to the joy that he gives you each day.I miss my cat….

  6. Jennifer

    hiya Pen, at least you have something to keep you busy or occupied. : A not so sunny day in Beijing, wish you a relaxed weekend. Jen: )

  7. Happy

    Afternoon Penny, glad you see as labour of love. Amazing what becomes kindness we give in exchange for kindness. You have such a good heart. :)

  8. cheryl

    Lol, our beloved pets are really our children, he sounds just like a small child. He no doubt thinks he is helping! He looks like butter wouldn’t melt…and am sure it wouldn’t, haha. Tc Pen xx

  9. Louise

    Like having a kid again Pen ain’t it. My mate Pearl got a little yorkshire terrier called Toby, little ball of fluff he was and now I am just his entertainment, fetching the ball out from the back of the washer and hunting for it to throw for him. He sits, looks at me and the ball and back at me and back at the ball lol. I’d so love another dog but I am gonna wait until Norman moves out, he’d worry sheep so it wouldn’t be fair on a dog and it’s either pay for kid or pay for dog can’t have both lol.Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.Happy EasterBright Blessings xxx

  10. Sheila

    oh what a little tinker he is, but oh how he loves you. xx

  11. Jane

    Wendall really is growing. Worst time is when they are teenages and pushing ‘mum’ to the limits. Bless him.Thanks for your comments. I’ve been catching up tonight on friends blogs. Just read your blog on the earth quake. It really was so sad. And to think those buildings have stood a good few hundred years… till now. But so many people died. It’s tragic.

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