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11 responses to “Happiness

  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for this wise post, Pen. Happiness is easy to get but hard to retain.May you have a full day blessed with happiness. Jen : )

  2. "I loved this saying Penny.Have a Beautiful Day."

  3. Deb's

    hiya pen, ((hugs))aint that the truth, and no matter how bad it gets we still find the humour in the events of our lives..love n hugsdebsxXxand thank you for your lovely comment… ((hugs))

  4. Martin

    Very wise words, very wise indeed :-) and I intend try to live them too

  5. Robin

    Lovely words Penny.

  6. Wee

    If only life was that simple.

  7. Paul

    You are so right. The stupidest little squabbles turn into years of bitterness. Who needs it.

  8. ..

    I love laughing till it hurts … and when that happens, I loose even the focus on the good … LOL.But these words are true, life IS short and we can keep going long after we think we can’t anyways. So, just smiling and laughing more will get us easier through the day!Have a wonderful week Pen!!!! LOVE, Alex xxx

  9. PJ

    Very well said and so true. I think deep down we all know it but some days it is hard to live by. And the older we get the faster time is going by, what the heck is that all about, lol. Take care my friend and enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. Happy

    Oh goodness couldn’t agree more. It is said, misery loves company. I am in the other camp, Happy loves happiness. I understand tragedy in life occurs and must be mourned/grieved but happiness is a state of life and living demanding we life what life we have left. Take care my dear friend. Have a fabulous week with bright streams of happiness waving gaily. Be well. Take care Pen. :)

  11. Sheila

    Yes Pen this is so right life as we get older starts to pick up speed. I love this saying and yes it is hard sometimes especially now with this current crisis. Keep healthy that so important to us all. thanks Pen take care xx

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