One of my friends had her space deleted last night, by MSN.  From what I could tell there was nothing offensive on her site, which she has had up and running for a long time.  To say I am shocked by this would be an understatement.  I shall miss my contact with her and I know she will be missed by many others.  I only hope she makes it back, although she has expressed a reluctance to do so, after being treated so arbitrarily.  This sad event has made me worry about my own space.  I have made some real friends here and have really enjoyed reading and writing blogs.  If I lost it, I would feel a small sense of bereavement. 

I arrived at the hospital, yesterday, to find they had changed the system a week ago and an appointment was now necessary.  Having partaken of only water for 12 hours I was feeling faint as it was, without this added problem.  Diabetics are not supposed to go for too long without a small something to eat.  Anyway, the receptionist took pity on my situation and let me wait for a while, in case a cancellation occurred.  As luck would have it, I was called after half an hour and after the usual farce of trying to find an elusive vein, a suitable amount of blood was taken.  Of course, on returning home, Wendell was insistent his needs came first and after another half an hour, I finally demolished two ham and pickle sandwiches and a gallon of strong black coffee.  Phew!!!

I have no pressing engagements today, so it looks like a fun filled, lazy day lies ahead.  Hope you all have a great weekend, Pen.



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16 responses to “Spaces

  1. Louise

    Morning Pen, I hope that they do not delete my space! Seems spaces recently are getting it a little bit wrong, there’s many spaces on here that are plainly offensive in many ways but the manner in which they go about things are even more offensive to us the user.Hope you have a fab weekend. Bright Blessings xxx

  2. Sheila

    Moring Pen blinking niusance that is , especially when you are feeling lousyHope you and Wendell have a great weekend enjoy relaxing. How did the 5 min choc cake mug go, it is very quick and tasty, choc chips are a must though I must say. xx

  3. Karen

    It’s scary when that happens, I always intend to back up my work and whenever I see a story like this I panic and think "EEk haven’t done it yet" I would be gutted to lose all my pals as well. Have a good lazy day luv Karen x

  4. Robin

    Crikey that’s bad news! Maybe there has been a mix up and her space was deleted by mistake. Surely you must be able to ask the question why and defend your self?What a mix up at the hospital Penny and like you said to go without nourishment is pretty dodgy for a diabetic like yourself. I haven’t any medical issues but if i don’t eat when i’m hungry i feel unwell and that’s not good.Enjoy your chill out week-end. Take care, love Hugs for that cheeky chappy Wendell.

  5. Paul

    Spaces has changed for me as well. Who knows what the rational is behind their thinking. I suppose that it is just a grab for as many people as possible to point them towards all manner of Microsoft products. It is free but it is becoming less and less personal. I have lost several of my earliest friends because of the "improvements" and I miss them but Spaces don’t care as long as they gather as many people who are here to run up the friends count and not much more. That’s not why I am here. Enjoy your lazy days!

  6. Martin

    M$ just seem to act on a complaint without investigating if it was just a grudge or in fact genuine and then there are those nasty peops like the one you had a while back that seem to get away with it endlessly. But like you I have some good friends here I would hate to lose them and my Live Space

  7. Jennifer

    Dear Pen, great to hear the blood-taking test is over. :)Have a nice rest in the weekend. Jen

  8. ..

    My space is very "young" I could say, but if one day it would just disappear, I would suffer a lot. I have so many nice memories here … with my friends! Who knows what’s the reasoning behind their actions?Have an excellent "fun filled, lazy day" and take good care!!! LOVE, Alex xxxPS. Kiss Wendell from me!!!!!!! All the best to Terry!!!


    I had my previous space removed by MSN, although there was nothing wrong with it… Sometimes very odd people stalk Spaces and the like… And they report other peoples spaces for breaking the rules.. Even though they are not… This happened to me and I argued the point with MSN and asked for proof of what I had done wrong…. They could come up with nothing and then asked me to remove a pic of my wife, who was in aa pic on space in a full swimsuit…No naughty bits on show, so I obliged and then they reinstated my space… Strange people out there…. They walk among us…My wife laughed when I showed her the pic that MSN did not like and said she did not know if she was flattered or annoyed hahahhaCome on MSN get real…..!

  10. penny

    My friend has now been reinstated to Spaces. No explanation mind but anyway, this is good news.

  11. Robin

    Good news Penny.

  12. ..

    That’s GREAT Penny!!! I wonder why they play like this with people’s spaces? I guess for them it’s just an … http … number .. whatever. They might not give a damn that there’s a real person behind all that!LOVE, Alex xxx

  13. Jessica

    I thought Spaces had to give you a warning first, before they deleted you? Glad your friend is back, I shall log each day with trepidation for a while…

  14. Martin

    I bet it was a mistake, they seem to make a lot of those these days

  15. Hi Penny .Sorry to hear your friends space had been delelted. I too thought they would warn some people . Glad all went well at the hospital and your have sometime to your self. I finally do tonight after very long weekend of work. Its finally coming together. Wont be long and it will be done . A few more weeks . Maybe if that.Then I can start to unpack everything and have my life back.Have a great week ahead.Lisa

  16. Happy

    So glad they found a cancellation and appointment able to proceed. :) Hope results will be OK and you had a lovely relax. News about spaces was quite anxiety producing for me. I would so miss some of my usual suspects and contacts as feel quite connected. Glad to hear space reinstated. I did not know this could happen without warning fo some sort. @ Fatman glad to hear one can defend/demand and be reinstated. I must remember to do usual back-up of text. Thanks for this info Penny. I would so miss people after these few months of spaces. Have a splendid week.

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