No coffee

It is 6 a.m. and I have just returned from walking Wendell.  It is freezing out.  Thank goodness for catch up t.v.  It gives me something to watch whilst waiting for my pooch to wake.  This morning I enjoyed the delights of Desperate Housewives.  I have followed this series since the beginning and really enjoy it.  Last night we watched a horror movie called “The midnight meat train”.  Or rather, Terry watched it whilst I spent a lot of the time with my hands in front of my eyes.  It was a gore fest!  Terry really loves this film genre but I get very nauseous when someone’s eyes pop out when their head is bludgeoned.

I have to go to the hospital for a fasting blood test, this morning.  This means that instead of sitting here with my usual steaming mug of deliciously strong coffee, I am sipping a glass of water….Sigh.  I am not worth knowing until I have had my second mug full.




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10 responses to “No coffee

  1. ..

    Heya!!!!! GOOOOD MORNING !!!!Hehehe … haven’t watched a horror movie in AGES … and yeah, I watched them with my eyes closed too! LOLI hope your blood tests come out good. Just a routine check up … or … a local vampire needs a warm fresh morning mug of blood ??? hehehePlease take good care of you and see ya later! LOVE, Alex xxx

  2. penny

    Just a routine check up,, Alex. Cheers.

  3. ..

    Oh, good !!!!! Cheers.TAKE CARE !!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXX

  4. Robin

    morning Penny, crikey water? Poor you. Hope everything goes ok at the hospital.Take care, love

  5. Karen

    Oh no dont do those sort of horror films :( hope you get your coffee soon luv Karen x

  6. Candy

    Hello Penny.I was out blog hopping and came across your space. *Smiles*Personally I love horror movies, my Bf is always trying to grab me andscare me when the worst parts happen but it never works! LOL!I just dont like the demonic scarey ones, they kind of bother me.Hope your getting some sunshine your way, I cant wait for summer! Yay!Best wishes and have a Wonderful day!Candy

  7. Jennifer

    Hope the blood test goes well, Pen. I hate bloody movie too…only watch it occassionally when my brain badly needs extreme excitement or stimulus. :)

  8. Jessica

    I’m with you, Penny, not keen on horror movies with blood and gore. I prefer the ones where you never see the monster or the blood, where it’s all in the mind.

  9. Happy

    Good Morning Penny, hope test results positive. & without coffee IV I am worthless and almost inhuman(e).

  10. Happy

    Dear Penny, just scrolling guestbook, before I scoot to bed, and the wolf GB item is wonderful. I have seen, now that I think on it, more than a few wolves in one lifetime. Just lucky I guess. I, too, hate those morning when am denied pie, coffee, waffles to go and survive a diagnostic. I hope it was a stress free lab event. :) OK I must be sensible and sleep.

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