Egg on my face

It is a grey day, so far.  The wind blew the dustbins over, during the night and the seagulls are on an early morning scavenge hunt.  Wendell takes great delight in trying to catch them.  The virus warning I received and forwarded yesterday, would appear to have been a hoax.  Better safe than sorry, I guess.  I don’t mind a little egg on my face…I can always lick it off.

So many of my friends are having health problems at present.  My thoughts are with you guys.  Good health is so easy to take for granted.  I know I was shocked, when I discovered I was not the fine figure of health I thought I was.

  Cannot resist sliding one little bit of prose/poetry in.  Pen.



I see you through the veil

Of compliment and concern

Your knife gleaming

As it aims for my back

I see you through

The mist of friendship offered

Arms wide as if to embrace

Keeping your venom

Hidden behind silken tongue

Face smiling welcoming and wise

Advice covert arrows darting

I see you



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13 responses to “Egg on my face

  1. Jodine Derena

    Cool poem Pen! Acutally I think this is the first one I have read…(sheepish grin)…sorry… aren’t words just such a great tool for expressing emotion, thoughts…everything? Love it. Jx

  2. penny

    Cheers, J.

  3. Louise

    Morning chick, so wish I could write poetry but it’s something that has eluded me so far. Hope you have a sunnier day today, been quite mixed here although it’s not windy now thankfully.Bright Blessings xxx

  4. Unknown

    Morning Pen ((hugs)) Great poem, as ever… xx

  5. Sheila

    Morning Pen great poem hope you have a good day. xx

  6. Jessica

    I’m sure Wendell would enjoy licking that egg from your face! I particularly like the way you ended that poem, Penny.

  7. Karen

    Sunny here! I may even do some things lol, great poem btw luv Karen x

  8. Jane

    Lovely poem, as usual from you.Miserably cold here today… It has been lovely for a few days.

  9. ..

    Waaaw, Penny ….. love your new arrangement here. Great job !!!! LOVE the colours … the background pattern … everything!!!Excellent poem again ! I wish I could write poems as nice !!! Just to express my feelings … I should try sometimes …I am happy for you that the virus warning was a hoax !!! I watched the news last night and they were saying that milions of PC users did get infected with some kind of bug … and they don’t know yet how strong or dangerous it is. Take good care of you and have a wonderful day. LOVE, Alex xxx

  10. penny

    Thank you Alex. Poetry is easy….give it a try.

  11. Deb's

    hiya the poem :)) and in certain instances i would hazard it is very true…lol i have found that people like that tend to trip themselves up at some point, give em enough rope n all that.have a great eveninglove n hugsdebsxXx

  12. Happy

    Good Morning Penny, adept capture of the two-faced. Great new look!

  13. Happy

    Great photo of Janus. Thank-you! Must power down/log off as moments from midnight here. Fingers have that swollen sausage look again so body communicating that it would like rest. Ah, arthritis, one of life’s little moments. Be well dear one.

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