Before I got my first computer, I had no idea of the wonderful myriad uses it could have.  Since then, I have gone from strength to strength on a voyage of discovery that is never ending.  My primary use for my computer used to be playing games, whether on line cribbage or my strategy war games.  Now I have a different use for it every day and that is the joy it has given me.  I have discovered several sites that let me download whole works of classical poetry and prose, in PDF. and I can read these more easily from my computer screen than from a printed book.  I can view and admire photographs and art work from all over the world.  I can delve into archives that would have remained hidden from me and study any subject that takes my fancy.  Today I perused a site that advertised holidays in cave hotels.  Who knew of such things?  Last week I looked at properties for sale in Dordogne.  Every museum I have been unable to visit in the flesh, I can see through the eyes of my monitor. I have made new friends that I would never have a chance to meet and been welcomed into their lives.  I even chose Wendell on line.  The reason I have come to think of these things is my younger sister’s reluctance to purchase a computer.  I explained to her all the above, plus the ease of communication a computer offers.  I have half persuaded her.  We shall see.



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    Yes, they are a wondeful tool to use. It’s just a case of balancing the amount of time you spend in front of them with the amount you spend with real people! With reference to finding literature online I entirely agree, it’s amzing what you can find, things that usually would be hidden away in some university library. And as you say meeting people you would never have met before. Hope your sister joins us!

  2. Sheila

    yes Pen it is a wonderful thing to beable to look at far away places, and read about them. It fasinates me soknowing that I probably won’t ever be able to visit these places in my life-time. it has opened a new world to me also, I know where you are coming from Pen, is a saying I hear quite often sister to is not at all interested i say to here oh you are missing out on so much but she fails to listen. Enjoy your day and we also found Wile-e through dog blogs. Great isn’t it. Take care and have an interesting day. xx Hugs xSheila

  3. Paul

    I railed against getting a computer until 2001. I kept questioning why I needed one. Now I can’t imagine being wothout it. As you said (hey that’s a plug!) it offers a whole world of information. I pay my bills online though I have made very few purchaces. The ability to meet people from all over the world is amazing. You and I have to be over 3000 miles apart yet we can communicate with ease. Just fabulous.

  4. ..

    AREN’T PCs WONDERFUL? I have learned so many GREAT things surfing the net … beside the regular activities : banking, talking to my mom through webcam, work …. etc.I am so used to my PC and the Internet … I don’t think I could "function" well without them !!! heheheLOVE, Alex xxx

  5. Jane

    I’ve had a PC since the 1990s. Can’t imagine life without one now. I used to use a typewriter… never went onto a Word Processer. Went straight onto a PC. An old Amstrad. Goodness it was fun. Hubs and I used to play golf on it. It took ages to load and we were so impressed with the speed of it all!!!

  6. Happy

    Well stated Pen. Totally agree. Going online changed my life this winter. LOL, even chase Wendell online. Sorry did not visit sooner. I thought there was some 1 April computer virrus event to happen that would rival any bad analogy possible. Here’s everyone just enjoying spaces. I always take stuff far too seriously…it seems. Take care :)

  7. Jodine Derena

    Yep. It’s a whole new world out there. We may be miles apart but our PC’s give us a sense connectedness to the bigger world. I don’t think we ever stop learning about the potential of a computer. I learn something new just about everyday on here. Remember when I didn’t know how to post a pic? or do a hyperlink? I am hooked now. Love to you. Jx

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