Lesson learned

Yesterday was my second attempt at writing a darker poem than my usual offerings.  I think I shall stick to my more ebullient and hopefully amusing style in future.

Wendell completely destroyed a cushion, displaying his true terrier nature.  I would have taken a photo but the mess was truly astounding.  He was quite pleased with his efforts and it was obvious he did not understand my dark mutterings as I cleared the floor of ten thousand small clusters of white, fluffy stuffing.

Last night we watched a film called “ Tropic Thunder “.  Not a classic, by any stretch but still, it was very entertaining, in a silly kind of way.  Right then, back to entertaining the pooch, Pen.



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8 responses to “Lesson learned

  1. ravingpoet

    Just read ‘Going Down.’ Ithink anything could potentially be subject matter for a poem, depending on how it’s treated. I too worked in an institution for a while, looking after elderly people. They were colour coded, according to what they were capable of. Red and green needed only a little help, blue and yellow, more support and the rainbow group, doubly incontinent and with dementia needed much more than we could give them. It was a sad and stressful job, and I only did it for a few months. You knew they would never get any better, and that was the hardest thing. I think your poem really got into how that must feel for someone in an institution. well done J x

  2. penny

    Cheers J. Working in a care home was the saddest time of my life.

  3. Unknown

    I did volunteer work in a care home in my younger days. It kills me to think of my parents living there now. xx

  4. lisa

    I’m assuming you knew about terriers natures before you got Wendell!!! Max kept going on about wanting a dog and now I’m convinced hes not having one, its bad enough with his clumsiness at the moment , couldnt handle a distructive pet to boot. lol. Take care Lisa

  5. penny

    Lisa, lol, I knew what kind of little monster I was getting. I love him to bits.

  6. ..

    Hehehe … Wendell must have been really funny with all that mess around him !!!!Love that doggy !!!Take care and have a great day! LOVE, Alex xxx

  7. ..

    Oh, forgot to tell you something … about the poems … Sometimes your heart sings so the poem will … and when it’s sad … so the poem will sound.Just write exactly what you feel in the moment! I think that is why your poems are so nice and different !Because you pour your heart out!!! Do not stop doing that !!! LOVE, Alex xxxx

  8. Happy

    Perhaps destroyed cushion starting point of metaphor? Perhaps Wendell was using cushion even as a creative prompt; for example, my day was dark as cushion stuffing? LOL Just teasing. Know first hand how bothersome to clean up cushion innards. Sometimes those darker poems need more prompting to really get started; of course, then I wander household so gloomy I cannot recall happier day. Looking forwards to poetry post Pen.

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