Going Down



Going Down



Can you hear my scream silent and no less real than a Munch Painting?

Joints grinding like mill stones around my neck

Muscle atrophy and disease building to the Grand Finale

Can you see the fear in my eyes furtively searching for judgement?

Condemnation a regular expectation

Eyes cast down like unwanted presents

Can you taste the gall of bitterness my memories bring?

Trying to cling to some long forgotten delight

Like a frightened child to his comforter

Can you feel the unwanted tremble as I venture beyond these walls?

This prison that I call my home prison and sanctuary

Hiding from my own appetites and desires

I shall die unknown hidden inside this flesh

Corrupt and blown



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7 responses to “Going Down

  1. Jessica

    Wow, Penny, that’s strong! Very moving. That is quite incredible, well done!

  2. penny

    Cheers Jess.

  3. ..

    It is really good, but I just hope it doesn”t reflect any of your personal feelings, as that would worry me!!!There’s a lot of sadness, pain and despair in this poem. Take good care of you my frined and have a wonderful week.PS – thank you very much for the card – it is funny – THANKS. I still cannot paste … heheheLOVE, Alex xxx

  4. penny

    Alex, when I wrote my poem about living in a care home, did you imagine I did? My poetry draws from many sources, not all of them personal. Thanks for caring, anyway, my friend and have a lovely day. Pen.

  5. ..

    No sorry, I wouldn’t imagine that !!! It just that sometimes some ellements in a poem can be fictive and some true.I am really happy it’s not about you; but the poem is really good !!! Have a wonderful evening.LOVE, Alex xxx

  6. Jennifer

    This prose/poem really has that dark power of frightening people, Pen. ; P It, plus that illustration, reminded me of a dark song called "going under’. Glad to see a change in the writing style! : )

  7. Deb's

    morning Pen, ((hugs))not sure how I missed this one.. it is dark, moody but thats good, I know i wrote a few poems way back and the darker ones not sure why but few people had a hard time with them, I always find that we all have those dark moments, some of us aren’t afraid to look at them, no matter who is experiencing them, so you seeing in and through the eyes of those you cared for shows recognition of the aging process and the fear attached to it.love n hugsdebsxXx

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