Bottle Shock

I watched the film “ Bottle Shock “ in the early hours this morning and really enjoyed it.  It was worth watching, if only to hear Alan Rickman speak French.  I found out some interesting facts about wine as a side pleasure.  The music score went really well and the whole thing was quite charming.

I am having a lovely, lazy day today.  Terry, Wendell and I are being couch potatoes.  We are having a game of scrabble later.  We are both very competitive so it may end in squabbles.Right, off to watch another film; probably a horror for Terry.  Have a great Sunday, Pen.



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7 responses to “Bottle Shock

  1. Paul

    Beware of Scrabble squabbles.

  2. Deb's

    yoohoo…purrrrrr…. Alan Rickman…. purrrrrrr I wont be able to ruddy think straight now woman…. lol>>> goes off drooling over Alan Rickman…glad you enjoyed your film hunhugsdebsxXx

  3. Unknown

    I adore lazy Sundays watching films with Michael. We don’t’ have a couch to be couch potatoes on and there’s no telly in the living room, so we lounge about on the bed… which actually feels very decadent at times; especially if we’re having something to eat or a glass of wine! LOL xx

  4. Sheila

    Enjoy your Sunday Pen hope Wendalls ok and the sun is shining for you there.xx

  5. cheryl

    Lol, is that you and Wendell that are competetive?? Just kidding, Pen. LOVE scrabble, so hope you win for the girlies!! Hm, think it may be a while before you hear from Debs, she appears to have gone into some kind of Alan Rickman trance!! He is quite yummy, though, so we can let her off. Hope you enjoyed the sunday afternoon. I can smell my pork cooking…Have a great eve, Pen xx

  6. Karen

    I’ll have to watch out for that film (I may quite like Mr Rickman also lol) sounds like a great way to spend a sunday :) luv Karen x

  7. Happy

    I’ll have to have look for film as I always enjoy Alan Rickman’s performances. It didnot warm up in YVR and weather becoming blessedly boring. Wow, Wendell plays scrabble? All my cats ever did was hug the T.V. remote. LOL Have a great Monday

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