Cold showers as deterrent

Brrr it’s bloomin freezing out there.  Wendell and I were on our own at the beach today and I am not surprised.  We did not go near the water…far to cold for the little boy to get wet.  Mind you, he could use a cold shower.  Wendell’s hormones are starting to kick in and nothing that moves is safe from his attentions.  He has taken a particular shine to Finn, my fluffy cat, earning him the nickname…Cat Shag*er.  Finn is not too bothered, up to a point but there are limits.  Porter watches from a distance with a look of disdain.  If Wendell goes anywhere near my bossy, chubby cat, he gets chased and clawed with much spitting. 

We are having roast pork for dinner.  Our local butcher always has a cheap deal on it for some reason.  I shall make a curry from the leftovers…yummy.  Got a good film lined up for tonight…Bottle Shock.  I hope it is as good as the reviews I read.  Well, that’s all for now.  Have a great evening all and don’t forget…it is later than you think…nearly, Pen.



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10 responses to “Cold showers as deterrent

  1. Deb's

    hiya Pen ((hugs))I’ve just finished making soup…proper winter warmer type, even got dumplings for it and warmed crusty bread, cos its ferrreeezing up here n all lass.your cat sounds like it has similar deterrants to mine when faced with a hormonal male… hiss n claw at em… lol although there are some blokes that kinda like that in a woman ……… so I’ve been told..lolenjoy your dinner and movie hunlove n hugsdebsxXx


    Ha ha +17 here today haha

  3. Paul

    I would imagine the reason Fluffy is appealing is because her size. Though I hear that’s not important.

  4. Robin

    Hi Penny, it’s cold here too. Enjoy your meal and film. Never heard of Bottle Shock.

  5. Martin

    Puberty be it human or animal can be so funny. I remember my rabbit Smudge when I was a kid used to love th ekittens next door and failing that a pair of old slipper left outside the back door just in case was his last port of call :-)Your opinion on the film is eagerly awaited :-)

  6. ..

    Hehehe … small dogs are playful ! But, as always … I don’t know if there is any love story between a dog (no matter how cute is he) and a cat .Mmmm … the food sounds delicious … mmmm … and cooked by you, I am sure it is. Enjoy !!! (I am feeling much better, thank you very much for asking; you are very nice!!!!).Let us know how the movie was. I haven’t seen it! Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend!!! Keep warm. LOVE, Alex xxx

  7. .

    The clock says 8.40 a.m. here, but my body says 7.40 a.m., hope you reset your clock, Penny! Thanks for the lovely picture on my Guestbook, it fitted the Princess story beautifully. That curry sounds very tasty! Hope the cats are keeping Wendell in order.

  8. Robin

    Morning Penny, how was the film?Have a good day, love

  9. Happy

    LOL Wendell and hormones. You survived the time change. Have not heard of this movie? Is it from the U.K. Have a lovely day.

  10. andro51

    Well this is an older posting but I rather like the title you gave Wendell ‘Cat Shagger’ is pretty naughty but a definite Bottle Shock moment if you ask me… lol by the way what did you think about that film? lol Have a wicked one Penny, you’re a star…

    Androgoth XXx

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