How much do I hate going to the hairdressers?  Let’s see…I would prefer having a tooth drawn, a corn sliced or a day down a coal mine.  Get the picture?  For some women, having their hair pampered is a necessity and luxury, all in one.  It makes them feel special, pretty and happy.  It makes me cringe.  Terry has cut my hair a couple of times and that was pretty disastrous.  I was on my way into town, minding my own business when I espied a ladies hairdressing establishment out of the corner of my eye.  Before I knew what was happening, I had marched in, with gritted teeth and asked if they could fit me in straight away.  If they had said no, I would never have returned but they could.  Well, the young lady was brilliant.  She put me at my ease and cut my hair exactly the way I wanted it.  It was like a little miracle.  I look quite respectable now and not like some old bag lady.  I shall never enjoy having my hair cut but maybe in future, I shall not avoid it the way I have in the past.




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12 responses to “Hair

  1. Karen

    Hooray a good cut! It’s rare to find a good hairdresser in my experience, stick with them it looks great luv Karen x

  2. ..

    This is great! Perfect for the summer Penny !!!LOVE, Alex xxx

  3. Paul

    It looks great!

  4. Louise

    Hey Pen, that’s really nice. Must admit I’m not a fan of hairdressers either hehehe. I go when I really must when I start looking like I don’t belong to anyone lmao.Bright blessings xxx

  5. lisa

    hello Pen. your hair looks lovely ,suits you very much . you look great/ take care Lisa

  6. ravingpoet

    Your hair looks lovely! I must go soon – i have all kinds of tangles and split ends. Pure laziness on my part, though I’ve had some hairdressing disasters in the past – I had red and blonde streaks put in a few months ago, and when I washed my hair it turned pink. It’s faded now and the roots are growing out. That’s not the worst. I let an my ex boyfriend cut my hair, and he made such a mess of it that I had to have it shaved – a quarter of an inch all over. And then there was the time my flatmate tried henna, which looked beautiful on her black hair, but made mine look as if it had patches of rust. Just as well it keeps on growing. Think I’ll stick to a trim. J x

  7. Happy

    Great haircut. Love the near bob! Really suits. Sometimes spontaneous just works.

  8. Deb's

    morning Pen, ((hugs))think we’re from the same mould hun, i can’t stand going to the hairdressers either so much so the last 2 haircuts i’ve done myself… but mine desparately needs cutting, think I may follow your lead, and just call in to one as passing…lollove the haircut, ((hugs))love n stuffdebsxXxps i have blogged but it aint showing up on peeps pages and thanks for the note xxx

  9. Martin

    Looks good too, so remember them for next time :-)

  10. Robin

    Hi Penny, my you look good with that cool haircut.

  11. Sheila

    Thats really lovely Pen you shall keep that one she is one good cutter.Great xx

  12. Unknown

    I think it looks great! I pass by a salon going back and forth to work and every Friday I think, I should go in there and every Friday I don’t!! LOL

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