Here we are again.

Here we are again.  It is Monday morning, the sun is shining weakly and it is freezing cold.  When I took Wendell for his first walk, the ground was covered with frost.  I guess this is more typical for this time of year than last week with its almost balmy weather.  My houseplants are all looking a little tired, so I must spend this afternoon pruning, cleaning and re potting them.  I love the spurt of fresh green leaves this treatment prompts. 

Both my sons phoned me yesterday but being chefs, they had one of their busiest days at work.  My eldest had double the normal bookings for the restaurant and the garden was open for walk ins.  I know what the trade is like, so they have my sympathy.

Little Isabella is growing up fast now.  She has taken to blowing raspberries, which can be pretty messy if she is eating at the same time.  She thinks it is hilarious.


She is a contented little girl and I think it shows.  Right, I had better get off the computer and take Wendell for a run.  See ya, Pen.



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8 responses to “Here we are again.


    Enjoy the day Pen

  2. Jessica

    Oh, how cute! Lovely photo, Pen. I hope your sons will produce a slap up meal for you soon, you deserve it. Hope Wendell bought something for his ‘Mum’ yesterday!

  3. Sheila

    She is one little beauty Pen, and yes the weather had turned here today here to. xxtake care

  4. Paul

    What a cutie!

  5. ..

    Awwww … Pen, she is sooooo cute !!! Love her name and her blue eyes !!!Bright blessings!!! LOVE, Alex xxx

  6. Happy

    What a sweetheart! Have the most lovely week. The boys owe you Mom’s dinner?

  7. Jennifer

    Oh, Pen, she is healthy and beautiful, like a little angel.:)May today be a warm nice day for you.


    hey pen thanks for the comment,hope you are well and that little pup is behaving for you lol,i thought i had upset you as i hadnt heard from you in ages i hope i havent,take care hugs m xs

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