Margate – A Town on its Knees?



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11 responses to “Margate – A Town on its Knees?

  1. Martin

    I take it that this wasn’t produced by the local tourist board LOLIt can’t be that bad really, can it?

  2. penny

    Martin, the town is dying and it is really sad. Only the beach is great.. one of the cleanest in the country.

  3. Martin

    That is so sad, I quietly hoped that that viseo was a bit of a spoof

  4. .

    I thought there are plans to revitalise the Dreamland park? Wasn’t it mentioned on the local news recently?

  5. Jane

    I haven’t been to Margate for decades… It is very sad that the coucil are not doing anything. So sad when a lovely small town begins to die.

  6. Unknown

    There is too much of this going on here. I see such sad things when we drive around Sunderland–neglected buildings and land, littered streets… it makes me wonder where our pride has gone. And where are we putting our priorities if not in home and family? People who live in a place they feel proud of feel pride in themselves. This really hurts my heart. I’ve never been to Margate… xx

  7. ..

    Why would they leave the town just "die" like that? I’ve heard of Margate as being a very nice beach resort !!!Just cannot believe my eyes ! It is so sad …. yeah, it does look like a "defeated soul". Very sad to see !Are they going to do something about it, or just leave it to continue it’s free fall … how much lower can it go?

  8. Happy

    How terribly sad. In Canada also entire towns disappearing when local resource closed or company leaves, leaving entire town closed.

  9. penny

    Jamie, there is news of Dreamland being redeveloped and we are also having the new Turner Gallery sited here but this will not save the town unless there is a good incentive for shops to stay here and keep the heart of the town alive.

  10. Sheila

    can’t say i ever tried to wash my cat which I had many years ago, but these photo’s are so funny.

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