Bully boy

Guess what guys…. I have my own personal bully boy, right here on Spaces.  I cannot say his name, because he is friends with at least one of mine.  He left a disgusting comment on one of my poems.  I ended up deleting both his comment and my poem, because I felt he had sullied it.  I have just spent an hour changing all my permissions….how tedious.  He also left unflattering comments on my blog posts, before.  He even had the cheek to ask to be my friend!  At the time, I thought it was amusing but the joke has worn thin now.  Maybe I am losing my sense of humour….who knows?  Pen.



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7 responses to “Bully boy

  1. Robin

    That’s really nasty for someone to do that to you Penny. You should name and shame him. I know you won’t because you are too nice for that. It’s not your sense of humour so don’t think that…If someone is disrespectful and hurtful then you have every right to protest. Good for you, kick ass Penny. I would use stronger language but i will leave it to your imagination the word i was going to type. Take care my mate, and don’t let this idiot get to you. Love and hugs, Robin.xxx

  2. Martin

    Go on tell and we can pay him a little visit then perhaps he will learn the error of his ways.

  3. Happy

    I am really sorry this happened to you. What a coward! What a beast! You do not deserve this. I do not believe your patience wearing thin. We get to pick who we want in our house! {Hug}

  4. ..

    am really sorry!!! Have seen one comment earlier in the day!!! Do not become disheartened!!!You are a wonderful friend, beautiful heart and soul !!! Just continue to be you.You have so many friends here!!! We all love you and we are all happy with the wonderfulpoems, blogs, jokes and pictures you share with us.LOVE and HUGS, Alex XXXX PS – there are ways to solve this.

  5. Jane

    Penny… Report him to Spaces. Really, that’s the best way or we will never be able to stop these unpleasant people.

  6. Sheila

    So Sorry Pen I agree with Jane. You have lots and lots of warm hearted friends, so keep your pecker up. Much love xxx

  7. Happy

    Hope this situation improved? So sorry this stress in friendly spaces community.

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