Pandora in reverse

Pandora in reverse


It started life as a small wooden box

And then, as it grew

In stature, its composition changed;

First to gold, well cherished

And finally to stone;

Fixed tightly shut with room for no more.

So many secrets

So many ills, such deeds undone and

Done too well;

A vacuum holds no deeds or secrets

It just exists, has no

Feelings or concerns;

The box sits in the vacuum and smiles.




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3 responses to “Pandora in reverse

  1. Jessica

    That’s fascinating, Pen. What prompted you to write it? I like the last sentence in particular.

  2. penny

    They just pop into my head, Jess.

  3. ..

    Very good Penny!!! I wish these nice ideas to pop into my head also … but no chance!!!You are talented! You really are. Thank you very much for the nice moments you gave me today!LOVE, Alex xxx

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