I was having a chat with Terry about how gullible some people can be, when I remembered another incident from when I worked in Bath.  My boss asked me to go out and buy a suitable plant for the teashop window, which I did.  After a couple of days the plant drooped a little and feeling sorry for it, I asked Brandt if I could take it home with me.  He refused, even though I offered him the money for it, saying “ you cannot have everything you want in life, Penny. “ I looked him straight in the eye and said “ Brandt, every time I look at that plant, I shall think of you and your meanness and it will wither and die. “ For three days I secretly tipped bleach in the plant’s pot.  I made a point of staring at it when Brandt was around.  On the third day the plant curled up and died.  Ever after, Brandt thought I had some sort of power and was nervous of me.  My friend walked past me and whispered “ you put bleach in that pot. “ but she never let on.  She was worldly and Brandt, bless him, was extremely gullible.  Needless to say, my friend and I were called The Two Witches. 



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9 responses to “Gullibility

  1. Jessica

    And you said my story about Elizabeth was naughty? I think you are the naughty one, Pen! lol

  2. Karen

    oh naughty Pen lol, poor defenceless plant luv Karen x

  3. Sheila

    naughty Pen LOL xx

  4. Misty

    Whatever did that poor plant do to deserve that? Lol.

  5. Happy

    Oh you do tell naughty tales Penny. Naughty. Naughty. Er, I might avoid plant shops for a few decades.Happy thoughts for a happy week.

  6. .

    If your husband reads this I think he might get nervous about drinking the tea you made for him. LOL

  7. Deb's

    Hiya pen ((hugs)) lmao…. brilliant, definitely naughty but brilliant! lollove n hugsdebsxXx

  8. Louise

    ohhhh you wicked woman hehehehe, bet that was so much fun hehehehe.Bright blessings xxx

  9. ..

    hehehehe … naughty, naughty, naughty!!!never had the luck to have such an easily duped boss … hehehe.take care and have a very peaceful weekend.LOVE, alex xxxPS – now I am getting confused LOL … I write the comments in both places … heheheTake care my dear friend. Alex XXXXXXX

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