Not the perfect puppy

Wendell has eaten my library book!!  No, not the one entitled “The perfect puppy” but an expensive act of vandalism, none the less.

000_0001 He is worse than a toddler at the moment.  I need eyes in the back of my head.  Normally he follows me everywhere, even to the toilet but not on this coffee making trip to the kitchen.  Terry is not amused, with much recriminations and told you sos.  Note to self….be vigilant at all times.



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9 responses to “Not the perfect puppy

  1. Robin

    Oh dear, he’s a rascal isn’t he. I supose he’ll grow out of the chewing stage one day. It’s not funny though, is it? Lol.

  2. Karen

    Oh dear, my Leela was and sometimes still is left to her own devices, just as naughty :( luv Karen x

  3. .

    He clearly doesn’t agree with ‘Time Out’s evaluation of the writer…

  4. Louise

    Ooooops lol. Maybe doing the move everything tasty out the way might help hehehe. I hope you don’t get some stern librarian wagging her finger at you glasses propped on the end of her nose lmao Bright blessings xxx


    You should stop rubbing Bovril over the outside cover… Get him a chew bone made of pig skin and he will never look for anything else to chew again…. Rupert has his new chew every week and so I still have nice leather furniture and not little scraps on the floor hahah

  6. Lam

    Look at the title of the book. xDYea pets sometimes act rash. Just need to keep an eye, no, both eyes on them.

  7. Jennifer

    Haha, this puppy is naughty yet cute, Pen. He must be your perfect playmate! Have a nice Thursday! :)

  8. Jane

    ROFLOL… you’ve had me in stitches.I do sympathise but that’s puppies for you. Unfortunately, they grow up all too fast.

  9. Sheila

    oh heck Pen xx

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