Nice to know

My eldest just phoned me from work with what he called a professional question.  Did I know what forcemeat was?  As he is a chef, I was surprised he did not know what this is but it is nice to know I can still offer him welcome advice, sometimes.  I used to have a huge 100 year old recipe book but when he went to live in Italy, for a while, he took it with him and left it there.  It is quite safe but I do miss reading those old recipes, which had the original costing to accompany the dishes.  There were no photos, just plates, copied from paintings of the food.

The weather is warmish and damp here.  Wendell leaves trails of sand on the carpet, when we return from our jaunts to the beach.

We got our money today and I am enjoying a cigarette as I type….bliss.  Off to do the Tesco run now, see ya, Pen. 



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13 responses to “Nice to know

  1. Jessica

    Oh, Pen, put that cigarette out! You naughty girl!I wonder how healthy some of those old recipes would be now…or maybe they would be healthier than the ones we have!

  2. Karen

    Ok what is forcemeat? I’m going to have to look it up now lol, although I have heard of it. Have a good shop luv Karen x

  3. Martin

    Yeah, Teaser LOL What is Forced Meat then eh?Tut tut smoking like that (shhh, have a puff for me too) 😉

  4. penny

    Forcemeat is ground meat or stuffing…lots of variety, smooth or coarse. Nice with roast meats etc.

  5. ..

    Mmmmmm I am all ears when it comes to food. Sounds good and I am sure … cocked by you … mmmmmmm.Warmish weather … SUPER!!! I bet Wendell enjoys his walks with you to the beach!I hope you are feeling fine and please take care of you. I don’t like scolding you but I don’t believe in love stories between cigarettes and strokes.LOVE, alex xxx

  6. penny

    Cooking rabbit pot roast for dinner…the butcher gave me a deal on the meat…£0.99p a pound.

  7. Karen

    sounds good to me, trouble is mention "bunny" for tea and the kids get squeamish lol. Pot roast sounds good I used to have trouble cooking rabbit often made it too dry. Luv Karen x

  8. ..

    YAY … I’M COMING …….. I’M ON MY WAY TO THE AIRPORT!!!! heheheGod, smells good … hope you have enough because I am starving!!! heheheLOVE, alex xxx

  9. penny

    Karen, we were at the cinema, watching Bambi. My sister turned and said "That’s what your mummy cooks for Christmas dinner." You have no idea the hell I went through!!!!Alex….plenty to go round.

  10. Deb's

    hiya penwhenever i think of rabbit i think of my brother and a picture we have, he is all of 4 years old (approx), on a stool pinching the carcas of a rabbit…lol the hubs used to go rabbiting years ago, he’s threatened to start it up again too…love n hugsdebsxXx

  11. Andrew

    When ever my gran used to cook a Bunny for tea, she always added diced Pork with it, and it was never dry, mind you, it never lasted long enough to get dry…..

  12. Happy

    Tease. Had to look up forcemeat & then answer here in comments. Old recipe books are incredible. However did you get a cookbook from 1909? And paintings of the food, not photographs. What a treasure. @ Andrew, tx for tip re. add of diced pork. Hope rest cycle restored. Time change?

  13. penny

    Indeed, thanks for the rabbit tip, Andrew H.Happy, my mum gave me the book…I don’t know where she got it from.

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