Twitter Off

I have decided to pack in my Twitter account.  I do not know how people manage to run a Live Space, other blogs and Twitter, easily but I cannot.  Since my stroke, my thought processes have slowed somewhat and these days I like to take my time, before I engage my brain with my inadequate typing skills.  To my few Twitter friends I apologise for my abrupt disappearance and thanks Debs, for noticing.

Wendell and I are not long back from our walk.  It is very mild today.  I am hopeful for a sunny day, like yesterday.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Pen.



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13 responses to “Twitter Off


    Ahh sometimes i have plenty of time and sometimes i do not… When I do not have the time i usually post that FATMANis on hold hahhaha but seriously I like you do not know how people can have the time… I have been blogging Doha for quite a while and i have done an ep a day with my work and writing thrown in.. I may have to step back to an ep every other day to get back a better writing style and allow more time to think through the plot.. And that is only one blog hahhahaSorry i did not know you had a stroke, I hope you are on the road to mending, i know walking a dog can be very benificial and also stroking them in the evening has been proven by science to lower blood pressure..Have a good weekendRegardsThe Fatman XX

  2. Misty

    I am sorry you felt you could not cope with Twitter. Have a beautiful Saturday.

  3. Happy

    Twitter and blogs plural? Understand. Do not even have cell phone (expense). Am also slow thinker so more than one blog would be mind boggling. Yes, agree, films entertainment but for me also films for stories like literature. So in cases like The Wrestler have to be in a literature mood. Happiest weekend.


    @Happy Flower… hahhaha does that mean you will never ring me on the ‘Bat Phone’ hahhah

  5. Martin

    Your not the only one :-) I have closed all bar my Live blog mainly because I felt like I was repeating myself and if not struggling to say sopmething different.Have a great weekendFor some reason Live seems to miss your updates off, so if I miss any apologies

  6. Robin

    Ok, what’s a Twitter account? i thought it was something to do with birds!!!Weather is sunny here, but chilly in the wind.

  7. Deb's

    ooh just glad you’re oke /.. was thinking my cake musta been that bad I’d put you off coming back for more… lol have a great day hun love n hugsdebsxXx

  8. penny

    Always have room for your cakes, Debs. I forgot to say my coffee is very strong, though.

  9. Unknown

    I noticed straight away Pen, figured you’d just grown tired of it or it was too much or you didn’t like it or whatever… I am just now getting the hang of interacting with people on that thing.

  10. ..

    Take it easy Pen. Go ahead with what you like … BUT IT MUST ME LIVE SPACE, OK?Say "Hi and kiss " to Wendell from me!!!Please take good care of you!!!PS. Thank you very much for the excellent card – first thing I opened today!You made my day!!! Thank you very much. LOVE, Alex xxx

  11. Lam

    Enjoy your time.Do whatever you think is best!

  12. Jessica

    I just cannot understand people who Twitter, who wants to know if i am having a cup of coffee or getting on the bus. ‘GET A LIFE’ springs to mind! Hope your weekend is going well, Penny.

  13. Sheila

    twitter what twitter. It’s a strange day here Pen one minute suns out next raining, just walked Wile-e he’s kipping a the to Wendell little cutie and you have a very nice Sunday xx

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