It is funny how a specific group of memories can be prompted by an unexpected trigger and take your breath away.When I was a little girl, I was a typical tomboy.  My coat groaned with conkers, my shins were always bruised, my socks hung around my ankles like wrinkled elephant skin.  My mother bought me only one doll, which I mutilated….you get the picture?  I had but one girlish trait; I loved beads, jewellery and all things shiny and like a magpie, I collected these treasures.  My trusty penknife prised stolen wonders from costume jewellery, from the quartz found in walls, from the graves I passed on my way to school and I hid them in a special box.  When I was alone, I would take my treasures out and be filled with such wonder at their beauty.  To this day I still like semi precious stones and always carry one in my purse as a talisman.

img015I was watching television yesterday and on the sleeve of someone was a band of glittery silver.  Suddenly I was transported back through the years, my breath catching in my throat and my heart beating a wild tattoo.  For just a second, I was that scruffy , little kid with her secret box of treasure.  Like I said, funny isn’t it?      



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7 responses to “Memories

  1. Karen

    I love shiny things too :) I once asked the tooth fairy for a diamond instead of money, ambitious eh? Have a good day, still sunny here luv Karen x

  2. penny

    ROFLOL, Karen.

  3. Deb's

    ooh me to… i had a small secret compartment in my jewellry box, and i used to keep my small stash in there.have a great weekend love n hugsdebsxXx

  4. Martin

    LOL souinds like we all had our own secret place :-)

  5. Happy

    Morning Penny, Lovely post. Yes, items seem to be a like a poem or textbook about a piece of life. Hope it’s a wonder filled Friday.

  6. ..

    I LOVE that little girl you describe yourself as! I can just imagine you … lovely!!!It happens to me all the time! A very small thing or detail triggers and entire range of emotions and huge amount of memories, especially from my childhood. I’m just grateful I can go there … at least in my mind … imagining & reliving great moments.Excellent post – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!Take good care of you please and have a great and happy weekend. LOVE, alex xxx

  7. Sheila

    Lovely blog Pen I think I must have been the opposite to a tomboy. Excellent post xxx

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