Ain’t technology grand

I am writing this whilst watching Crufts and recording the Show simultaneously.  How is this possible?  I am watching Crufts on a small viewer on Firefox and downloading it with Real Player.  I have the window reduced so I can either use my desktop or explorer.  Ain’t technology grand.  Terry is taking Wendell for his hike today, because I am glued to my desk, in case anything goes wrong.

The sun is shining brightly today.  New neighbours have moved in.   Not the side that has been boarded up but the other.  They are French which makes a change from the Polish that have flooded Margate.  I hope they are clean and quiet. 

Learning to live on a pittance is proving an interesting challenge.  Our tobacco runs out today and we have to wait until next Tuesday, before we can buy more.  We have plenty of pet food, sundries, coffee, gas and electric but food is becoming a bit thin on the ground.  I shall need to stretch what I have in interesting ways, in order to get by.  Should be a different way of fulfilling my New Year’s resolutions.  See ya, Pen.



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6 responses to “Ain’t technology grand

  1. ..

    Tech is GRAND … when it works … hehehe. Yeah it is. A colleague of mine had been to the Tech Show in LA … pffff the new stuff they got out!!! I am waiting for some pictures from him and will show them in a blog. I think it’s amazing how they just RUN with tech development these days.The cost of living gets here too, higher and higher. I will have to move in a smaller apmnt., as the rent just skyrocketed. Food got REALLY expensive!!! The saddest part is with the jobs situation. Almost every day now, I hear people loosing their jobs. The scare is double fold: we have long and hard winters, that lead to many suicides (especially in March) and now the job losses … increased suicides rate. Ummmm … they call it new "the new reality" and this expression just drives me crazy, but sadly it’s true.Now, it wasn’t my intention to sadden you, sorry. Just a sneak peak of canadian life today.Please try to take good care of you and of Wendell … of course!!!! LOVE, alex xxx

  2. Jessica

    Do you think Wendell will share his food with you? lolAnd maybe the tobacco running out is for the best…think healthy, Penny.I won £10 on the Lottery yesterday so you never know what the future will bring. KEEP SMILING!

  3. Misty

    Are you enjoying Cruft’s? Your neighbours should be nice, at least I hope so.

  4. Jennifer

    Nice to have new neighbours, Pen! :) Hope they are kind people pleasant to deal with!Umn, economy seems a little bit gloomy here and there. I need to tighten my purse also. And yet it is wise to see it as "an interesting challenge". May things always go for the better. Jen

  5. Embrace

    For some reason if your new Neighbours are French I think they will be ok. :)Keep busy at your computor and time will go by fast Pen.You have so many photos on your space Im having a hard time keeping track of whats new since I m not here as much. Things will get better and at least the Sun is shinning on you and the Sun was shinning here today for awhile. Sending Hugs across the Great Pond.

  6. Happy

    Morning Penny, hope these new neighbours are of the sort to win neighbours of the year/century! You deserve quietude.

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