This is my little lad, after his run on the beach.





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8 responses to “Knackered

  1. ..

    HAHAHAHA … that’s all I can say right now!I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Martin

    LOL, NOw that is knackered LOL I think though he is still on that beach in his dream even as you took that picture :-)

  3. Happy

    LOL. So cute. Have a lovely Wednesday.

  4. Unknown

    Too cute. I love the fact that they trust us enough to relax like that; knowing we’ll look out for them… It’s a good feeling. xx

  5. Deb's

    ahh bless… thats how the hubby falls akip too… lol

  6. Robin

    Hi Penny, Bless him. He’s so lucky to have you.

  7. Sheila

    Hi Pen this little guy sure does look happy xx

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