Baking Bones

I bought two enormous beef bones from our local butcher, this morning.  Terry sawed them in half and I am roasting them slowly in the oven.  Wendell went berserk when he smelt the bones but I felt it prudent to roast them before setting him loose on them.  He already has plenty of things to chew, including our hands.  He likes to assemble a group of toys before crunching them.


The sun is shining gloriously, today and we are going to the beach soon.  Spring is in the air and with it comes hope for a lovely year ahead.  My spring bulbs are all showing now but my geraniums took a bit of a bashing this winter and I think I may have to crop them back.

Nearly time to throw off these winter woollies and wear something comfortable.  On that cheery note, I shall bid you a fond farewell.



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4 responses to “Baking Bones

  1. Unknown

    Oh sounds like the beginnings of a lovely day. Me? I’m still sitting here in my pajamas. Contemplating wine, just one glass–actually more like 1/2 glass–and I’m wondering how decadent I’ll feel if I drink it whilst still in jamas…. actually, that might be fun. xx


    |The Ruperty love his bones and I do the same as you by baking them first, careful not to over cook them as he will lose all the lovely jelly they love so much.. First time I gave Rupert a bone he was unsure as to what he was to do with it but he soon caught on hahha

  3. Jane

    Pen… Raw bones are better for dogs. I give mine raw bones every now and again, but I never let them have cooked bones.The weather is better up here too… Thank goodness. No sun today though, but warmer. My Daffs are all shooting up. I have them all over the garden. It is so pretty around here in Lincolnshire as there are a great many fields with them in and they line the sides of the roads and banks of the dykes.

  4. ..

    YAYYYYY …. SPRING ………. THAT’S THE WORD I LOOOOOOOVE! hmpfs …. sorry, got all excited here!hope your flowers will bloom soon. when they do, please show me a picture?awwww … Wendell looks so cute!!! Maybe I should get myself a dog … I am thinking!!!Wish you an excellent sunday and pake good care of you! LOVE, alex xxx

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