Smiling dog owners

When I lived in London, everybody rushed everywhere.  People on the tube and streets avoided eye contact and scurried about; myself included.The pace of peoples lives is slower here in Margate but people have still avoided eye contact, until now.  These days there is a group of people who not only smile as they pass but also stop to chat. Who are these people?  Dog owners.  I feel I now belong to a club of sorts.  A happy club made up from a diverse section of Margate’s population.  I am quite an anti social person, as a rule but I find myself smiling back, giving and receiving doggie compliments and reassurances.  Mission accomplished…Wendell is making me human again.



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    Pen …. you anti social? I could never tell. We "drink" the coffee almost every morning, almost in the same time!!! (We should do that one day!). And I think I have told you before: you come across as wonderful person. Always there, loyal, with something nice to say. Thank you very much for that!But yeah, I know what you mean about London. I went there many times and felt the pepople being cold and weird all the time. Even refused a job there because of the way people are. Don’t know if I could live there.In Toronto people are super friendly! You can strike a conversation anytime with anyone … especially about the weather. He he … need to tell you this. There are 3 Ws yoou can never trust in Canada: weather / women / work – theyare always changing . Take good care of you and have a wonderfull day. Kiss Wendell!!! LOVE, alex xxx

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    I know, I’ve already talked a lot.Just noticed the posting time: 4:50 AM? hope you are ok!!!RED NOSE? You should get a pic with one – we all have a date with the red noses on March 13!


    Ahhh Alexandra.. I love toronto and you are being totally true when you say everybody there is so friendly, but the English are totally anal when it come to eye contact and friendship, we still have a total hang up about class… Penny is right that dogs have common ground in England as nearly everybody loves them to bits and will tell tales of what their particular pooch has done on any given day…Owning a dog crosses all those social barriers allowing citizens who normally would not dare to look at each other chatter away and smile when they meet as though they are long lost friends….I am an odd eglishman as I love meeting new people and when I travel and use hotels I am m ost likely to be found in the kitchens talking to the cleaner or potwasher trying to get a handle on the locals. Most of my best experiences whilst travelling have been with a local inhabitant who has shown me something off the beaten track or in their home with their family… Consquently I frequently invite visitors to my own home and have many friends I have made over the years…Being ‘Human’ is about communication which is something a lot of people choose to forget now…

  4. Martin

    LOL, love it :-) I guess it is the common interest that does it. I know when I lived in Witney that I used to make a point of saying good morning to all on route to the bus stop, it was funny because a few week after they started doing it to others too :-) But London you would get arrested for looking let alone talking LOL

  5. Embrace

    oh Penny you have always been human and always there for everyone . Dont sell yourself short.. but I for one am so happy to hear that one little Wendelle has changed your life in the way you want. Wow just wait. He is a boy. ha!!Freddie will be changed I hope and not as out going. He was starting to attack the dogs . I have two. A healer and Rottie Boarder Collie cross.As for the Reno. They are going slow. It will be awhile . Somedays its busy and somedays it not. Thanks for stoppingHave a Great WeekendLisa

  6. Jane

    Dogs have brought me many friends from around the UK. That’s because we used to compete in Obedience and meet up at shows each weekend. Now adays, if I meet someone else with a dog when out for a walk, I generally end up chatting. Don’t forget you will meet other local dog owners at Puppy classes too. And if you get interested in a dog sport of some kind, you will meet many more.You are so right about London, except for other dog owners!

  7. Happy

    Good Morning, I have always been surprised at how walking a dog is a conversational opener. Do not own a dog but when walking dogs for others, it is like a ‘club’. :) to Wendell. Hope Wendell enjoys the bones. What lovely care. :)

  8. andro51

    Doggie Compliments… lol I’ve never heard of that one Penny but it sounds good to me, perhaps I should try it at the next Vampires convention, after all it’s nice to show one’s appreciation, but not the fangs… lol Have a lovely rest of week now, I like looking through your older blogs there’s some real gems… Be good now or else Santa won’t leave you the nicer pressies… Just kidding…

    Androgoth XXx

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