Hip Hip Hooray

A few days ago, the neighbours from Hell were evicted.  They broke back in, through a dodgy window.  Yesterday, two big, burly workmen turned up and boarded up all the windows and doors.  They only covered the lower half of the ground floor window.  Last night, surprise, surprise, the miscreants pulled off the wood and, using a handy ladder, climbed back in.  This morning the workmen returned and boarded the window properly.  The council have turned up in force and are clearing all the rubbish from the front garden and taking the ladder as well.  Absentee landlords are a pain in the a*s.  Anyway, here’s to a more salubrious neighbourhood.  Pen.



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6 responses to “Hip Hip Hooray


    Hey pen i hope you get decent neighbours next time hugs m xs

  2. Jennifer

    Poor windows and doors, and I do sympathize with the workmen. ..Have a great day, Pen!

  3. Martin

    Yeah, fingers crossed the next batch are less troublesome :-)

  4. Sheila

    Hope they boarded the windows up ok and they don’t return Pen xx

  5. ..

    GREAT! now you "sound" MUCH happier.Enjoy your quiet neighbourhood … cause you never nowwhat tomorrow brings … hehehetake good care and have a great night. LOVE, alex x

  6. Happy

    Good Lord Penny, such neighbours. Glad that it will be a more healthful neighbourhood. Glad stress level will be reduced. Also, thanks for dental graphic at Guestbook. Definite chuckle. Hope all is peaceful now.

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