“Is Nothing Sacred?” asks Wendell




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    Prince Rupert (Our Dachshund) arrived in a cage when we first resued him from a bad home and it took weeks to persuade him out into the room.. Even then for months he would hunch by the door out of the flat into the garden… It got so bad I called him ‘Mr.Hunch’ in the end……. But now 12 months later, with lots of love and attention, he is the loving Dachshund we knew he could be and is currently sitting by the side of me in his basket…. The cage, which would have useful when cleaning (He hates the hoover hahah) is lying in the walk in cupboard as he will no longer go anywhere near it… My wife tells me your cat is exactly like her childhood companion ‘Tuppence’..

  2. penny

    Prince Rupert is lucky to have you guys.

  3. Happy

    Good Morning Penny, Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. Sheila

    hi Pen great picture, still un -decided which Dog to have at the moment.Will keep you posted enjoy your Sunday xx

  5. ..

    cute!!! have seen all pictures! nice!but, have seen your self description and I wanted to tell you:YOU ARE NOT BORING AT ALL!!!!!! you made me smile so many timesand although I haven’t met you, you come across as a wonderfull person.thank you for all the nice moments you gave me!!!LOVE, alex xxx

  6. Happy

    Good Morning Penny. Thanks for Guestbook. I’d laugh but have fat face…and revisit tomorrow as decisions made to save tooth so I do not look like gap-toothed Wife of Bath. Have a splendid day!

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