Sorted for a month

Well, I went to see the doctor and got an exemption certificate; went to the signing on place and got that sorted and now we play the waiting game.  Funds are rock bottom, so I hope we don’t have to wait too long.  Off to make coffee and toast, see ya, Pen.



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10 responses to “Sorted for a month

  1. ..

    great, first step – good news; here’s hope allwill go well and fast!!!take good care and have a lovely day. alex xxx

  2. Jessica

    Hope everything works out for the best, keep being positive!


    Hey hun glad it went ok for you at thd docs you probs be entitled to incapacity benefit and disability living allowance anybody can claim the latter even if partner is working!it takes a while but should get backdated,good luck pen hugs m xs

  4. Louise

    Hi Pen, glad you got that sorted out, hope them other b*****s sort you out sharpish now. Make sure your cupboards full of wine before funds run out, gotta have a lifeline hehehe.Bright Blessings xxx

  5. Jennifer

    Wish you good luck!I like coffee and toast, but have not attempted to make them myself! Your must be very superb!:)Have a great day!

  6. Sheila

    Wish you luck Pen it does sound as though you will be entitled to something.Lets hope they get a moving xx take care Hugs

  7. Jane

    I too hope all goes well and that you don’t have to wait too long for some money to come through.

  8. Paul

    Good luck. I think we all need good luck in spades these days.

  9. Deb's

    ((hugs)) hiya Pen, I feel for you guys so much, I know the frustration and the uncertainty that hovers over you at times like this, we still have that sense of fear about the hubs losing his job, (again) so i can relate having been where you are ( a few times) it isnt easy at all, ((huge hugs))love n lightdebsxXx

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