Beach Bum

The day arrived and young master Wendell set foot, out into the wide yonder.  Terry and I took him for a walk to the beach and back.  What a bundle of pent up energy he was.  His tail did not stop wagging.  He met two bulldogs and a lovely Doberman puppy.  He picked up and tossed seaweed,  ran from the tide and sniffed the salty sea spray with great enthusiasm.  He also bounded up his first set of stairs, which connect the beach with the cliff top.  We carried him on the way down, for fear of him tripping.  He is back home, fast asleep in his basket now, after devouring a huge meal.We only took a few photos because the day was so dull.  See ya, Pen.



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8 responses to “Beach Bum


    Aww pen hes so cute hugs m xs

  2. Jessica

    haha, who’s taking who for a walk?!

  3. ..

    awwww Pen …. with the company you had …who cares about the dull day !!! You had your joy right there!!!!he’s the cuttest doggy ever! enjoy!!!I love the walking area … where in UK do you live?hehehe don’t need the # and the street … hehehe just the area. I like it!Love, alex xxx

  4. penny

    I live in Margate, Alex, on the south east coast of England.

  5. Embrace

    I love his name. Wendell.. Love your photos of him Pen. You two are having so much fun with your new found love. All I can do is smile here. With 3 cats and 2 dogs I know what its like. Lisa

  6. Happy

    What an enjoyable day! Dull day LOL How pets show us the real world. Have excellent day!

  7. Robin

    Hi Penny, it’s so nice to be back! Lovely pics of Wendell at the sea-side. love

  8. Deb's

    he is just soo cute… the wee furrballdebsxXx

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