Friday The Thirteenth

halloween_divider_03[1] halloween_divider_03[1]

Already we hear of a plane crash in America and the day has just begun.  I am not a superstitious person, in general but I have found Friday the thirteenth to be a bit of a dodgy date.

I did some research on the net about the origins of the phobia  “paraskevidekatriaphobia” and the theories were too numerous to set down here.  A popular theory about the number thirteen was that it stemmed from the Last Supper,  where there were thirteen present.  The thirteenth guest being Judas.

1400-1224~The-Last-Supper-Posters[1]Fridays were considered unlucky since mediaeval times and hangings were usually conducted on a Friday.  I don’t know whether the day is really unlucky or not but I shall be keeping a low profile today.  See ya, Pen.



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2 responses to “Friday The Thirteenth

  1. Martin

    Interesting facts :-)

  2. Happy

    Good Morning Penny. I have no idea who Peggy is…er, Thank you for post, especially name of phobia for Friday the 13th. Hope staying under the radar worked. Have splendid weekend.

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