Next stage

Little Wendell is off to the vets in two days, for his next set of jabs.  One week after that, he will be allowed out in the wide world.  Already we are practicing lead work but I feel once Wendell gets a whiff of all those exciting smells and sights, I may find my training sabotaged.  We shall see what happens.  I hope the rain has cleared up by then.  He had a bit of a naughty day, yesterday, with much manic behaviour, nipping and jumping up.  It is difficult finding the correct level of censure.  I know he must be corrected, but he is a feisty little fellow and I don’t want to be telling him off all the time.  He is a lot calmer today, so maybe some lessons have been learned by both parties.  Once we are out, walking, he will get a chance to burn off his excess energy. At the moment, he does crazy circuits of the sitting room and kitchen, with no regard for his own safety.  I guess that is the terrier in him.  The cats just sit by with bemused expressions.  My biggest training success to date, has been teaching Wendell not to chase cats.  Porter helped by boxing Wendell’s ears a couple of times.  He is fast asleep as I type, bless.  See ya, Pen.



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7 responses to “Next stage

  1. Malcolm

    Enjoyed reading of these training endeavours – it’s good for them to let off steam a bit!

  2. Deb's

    morning Pen ((hugs))sounds like young wendell is suffering from a touch of cabin fever…lol and you know he will settle after he’s been out for his walk…. although it may be worth shortening his lead …lolhave a great day hun love debsxXxx


    Hey hun seems like you have your hands full at the mo have a great day hugs m xs

  4. Unknown

    Oh bless. Could you funnel some of Wendell’s energy my way? In fact, think of all the money you could make if you could bottle and sell puppy energy! My cats are currently pouting… mean mummy made then go outside into the nasty sunshine… <rolls eyes> xx

  5. Martin

    Your going to be in for some long, long walks LOLHappy training, that can be so rewarding

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