My granddaughter’s fingers

That clutch me so tight,

The eyes of my puppy

That shine out so bright,

The tattoo of raindrops

On my window pane,

The arms of my lover

Who shields me from pain.

The hyacinths growing

On my window sill,

The laughter at dinner;

The knowledge that ‘till

I finish my journey

And lay down to rest,

My life shall be filled with

A bouquet of best.



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6 responses to “BOUQUET OF BEST

  1. Jessica

    That’s a lovely poem, Penny. You’re lucky to have all this.

  2. Jane

    Lovely Penny.

  3. Sheila

    Lovely poem Penny

  4. Unknown

    Inspirational… helps us all remember those little things that make life the ‘real deal’ xx

  5. Paul

    Very nice Penny!

  6. Embrace

    Very Very Beautiful Penny. Have a Great Day.Lisa

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