So it goes on

Terry is off to town presently, to sign on.  He is not a happy chap but needs must and all that.  It is a glorious day outside.  The sun is blindingly bright and it is quite mild.  It was my older sister’s birthday yesterday and next year she becomes an old age pensioner.  Gosh, that makes me feel old.  She is only a year and a half older than me.  I have found, as I have got older, that I feel like I am two people.  One, the body, is getting old and vaguely decrepit and the other, my mind, is still thirty years old.  Sometimes, it is difficult to marry these two sides of me.  There are so many things I would love to still do, that I no longer can, or rather, there is a heavy price to pay, if I do.  At our last family get together, my sisters and I danced to Irish jig music…not a pretty sight but the next day, I could not even walk. I don’t mind the greying hair or the less than perfect skin; I accept these without a backward glance.  I do resent the physical limitations put on me by getting older.  How can a mind be full of unspent energy?????



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5 responses to “So it goes on

  1. Unknown

    I am with you on this one Pen. In-between my ears I am still 30 too. I forget that I’m this old and so when I am reminded, it’s a bit startling sometimes. Especially like now, when I am worn down and stressed out. I really look my age and then some. I don’t mind the ageing so much; what bothers me is that I took a huge risk at 42 moving so far away and starting anew, and here at pushing 47 I am still no further forward in recreating a new life… in fact, I’ve gone backwards. I can hear the clock ticking away… I’m running out of time. Glad you have sun! It is bitter cold here today and the sun is nowhere to be found. Definitely a day for a soft warm blanket, continuing cups of tea, and a good book. xx

  2. Chris

    Afternoon Pen…Well, I’m just coming up to "My Age". The age I’ve looked and felt since I was 30 !So, what happens after that, lord knows ?he heIn recent years though, I’ve become physically weaker and incapacitated through congenital ailments as you know. That has restricted me somewhat and it does annoy me. Especially when it comes to Jack and my nephews and niece.I’ll keep you posted next year as to what happens.LOLTCCx


    Hey pen lol gawd im still trapped in a 17 yr olds brain so much so i went to a heavy metal gig in december 2007 to see my fav man moshed and head banged my little heart out my did i pay for it the next day lol with a sprained ankle and sore neck!would i do it again?you bet i would lol;-) hugs m xs

  4. Happy

    Yah, my brain thinks I am 23, 32, 41 but body knows otherwise. I knew I would age. Just didn’t realize I would lose mobility, be less mobile. I loved to dance when young, now, like you, the next day is testament of exertion. Thanks for post! Thank goodness we still have our minds and our humour, which I think gets richer as we age.

  5. Martin

    I feel for Terry, that is not a nice thing to have to go through but it will turn good, it will

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