Here We Go Again

Terry came home from work, last night, with bad news.  The contractor he has been working for has gone bust.  This is the second one to have this happen in the last four months.  This means a return to penury, scrimping and saving.  Ho hum, we have been in this position so many times we get quite stoical about it.  I find it hard to worry any more.  Que sera and all that.  Off to bulk buy pet food now, Pen.



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9 responses to “Here We Go Again

  1. Jane

    Oh dear Penny… I am so sorry. It must be a dreadful worry for you both. I do hope Terry can find something in your area?My daughter-in-law has had her time cut to 3 short mornings a week. BIG drop in wages. All the other office staff have gone. They can’t manage without her keeping the books in order and answering the phone etc.

  2. penny

    I would feel sorry for us but it seems like half the country is in the same boat, Jane.

  3. Chris

    Surely you’re not reduced to troughing on pet food already ???(sorry)LOLI was chatting with my ex’s hubby last week, he’s a s/e bricky and has been reduced to 4 days now. He prefers to work on private builds and hates commercial sites. But, as I pointed out to him, you take what you can at the moment. I hope T get’s something sorted soon. I suppose he’ll have lost his past month’s wages too ?Hmmm…. Nasty business the building trade at times.TC SausCx

  4. Jessica

    Sorry to hear your bad news. I hope something new comes along soon. I wonder if there will be any jobs left by the time I leave university…


    Hey pen i hope things pick up for you both im calming down now lol hugs m xs

  6. Sheila

    Sorry to hear this Pen i do hope T finds something else fingers crossed for you. Take care sorry

  7. Martin

    Sorry to hear that, he will find something else I know it and soon :-)

  8. Deb's

    ((hugs)) so sorry hun, I know how hard it gets, as the hubs works in a similar field. I hope things pick up for you both and soon .with love and hugsdebsxXx

  9. cheryl

    Pen, am so sorry. I really, really hope something else will come along soon. There’s not a lot I can say except send lots of good luck wishes xx

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