Freezing or what???

I know the south east has had a lot of snow but here in Margate, we have had only a light dusting.  This sounds like we got off lightly but we do have icy gales blowing straight in off the sea and the ground is frozen.  Despite having the heating on, my hands are turning blue as I type.  I always have extra chores to do on a Monday because I don’t like to disturb Terry’s day off with me fussing about the place.  This means I shall not be snuggling under the fluffy blanket watching a film. 

Wendell has chewed one corner of the rug in the sitting room and unravelled part of the binding.  I think I shall place it in the spare bedroom.  The ruddy thing is only a couple of months old and cost over £100 so it is a costly lesson for me to learn…keep an eye on the puppy at ALL times.  He looked so pleased with himself as well.

Right then, I better get busy in order to keep warm.  Pen.



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4 responses to “Freezing or what???

  1. Sheila

    naughty Wendall ….. it’s cold here bright sunshine and they say snow is exspected later on today. Brrrr have a good day sometimes housework can be good on days like this it sure does warm you up. Take care xx Sheila

  2. Robin

    Oh Wendell you little rascal! We have had some snow which is unusual for us. I love it. Don’t get to carried away with the house work Penny. love robin.How’s your sister coping?

  3. Deb's

    hiya Penny, ((hugs))you could always try sitting on a hot water bottle , or placing it in the small of your back whislt at the computer, it works a treat for me and thaws me out in no time ;))love n hugsdebsxXx

  4. Martin

    Same here only the lightest of dustings and I had the camera already for some shots but none to be had.

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