West Indian News Flash

I have heard from my sister again; the one who lives in St. Lucia.  She has fallen off a ladder, whilst painting her house and broken her leg!  For crying out loud, the one fear I had was she would have an accident or become ill abroad, with no family around.  Now she has to stay out there until the end of March.  She is being brave and making jokes about it but she must be in pain and lonely.  It is very frustrating, not being able to rush to her side.  I worry she might get complications.  I just cannot afford the fare to go over there, even if I could overcome my fear of flying.  I must put my faith in the health care she is receiving and hope for the best, Pen.



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10 responses to “West Indian News Flash


    Hey pen i hope your sis gets better soon,she probs just wanted to stay longer!hows the pup?have a great weekend hugs m xs

  2. Chris

    Oooch !Sorry to hear that – I’m sure she’ll be fine and will be receiving the best care available. It’s always dodgy doing ladderwork on your own. Remind her to get a long stick for the itching !TCCx

  3. Unknown

    awww <big hugs> Pen. I can feel your frustruation. I also see a beautiful thing in your concern for your sister. She is blessed to have you. xx

  4. Robin

    Hi Penny, It must be frustrating for you not being there to help your sister, but i’m sure she will cope. So try not to fret too much,yep easier said than done my friend.How’s that little guy Wendell doing, is he still peeing every where and how are the cats adapting???? Take care, love Robin.xxxxxxxx

  5. Sheila

    Oh dear poor sis try not to worry too much Pen I am sure she will find the help she needs out there.Hope pup ok, love Sheila

  6. Martin

    Ouch, that is never a good thing but I guess she has you on the other end of a phone which is some help. March will be here in no time

  7. Jane

    So sorry to read about your sister Pen… Of course you will be worried and concerned. But she will be receiving good care, I promice you that. And you are at the other end of the phone to chat.

  8. penny

    Thanks guys.

  9. Louise

    Awww Pen (((BIG HUGS))) I hope things work out for her and she will be ok. I’m sure she will give you a call and let you know she’s ok.Bright Blessings xxx

  10. Embrace

    oh Penny . This is awful. I have a sister too and I too would feel like you and want to be there . I wish you could go. I will be going to see mine soon. Just for a few days .. Shes getting Married. :)Anyway the remodleing is coming slow right now. Picking and buying things.Decieded to take out all my kitchen cabnets and have new one built . Im so excited about that one.!! I think its going to get very busy right away. Im getting to the point where I want to do so much and loose track of time . I need to find time for me as well even if its just a few hours a day and also beable to visit you all here is so important . Thank You for asking and stopping in. and so sorry about your sister. I hope you have recouped from you kitty that jumped on you.Lisa xoHave a great Week Penny

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