The vet’s

Wendell and I have just returned from the vet’s, where he had his first jabs.  He was so good; not a yelp, growl or moan.  He is fast asleep now.  He has really changed since he came here a week ago.  He is a very confident little chap, now.  He never barks, which is brilliant.  He had his next course of worming tablets and I was given a frontline spray, even though the vet says he can see no evidence of fleas….phew!  We return to the vet’s, in a fortnights time, for his second jab and microchip.  Then we only have to wait one week before he can go out into the wide world.  He is back to running to his newspaper for the toilet. (thanks, Jane, for the tips)  I guess that will do for now.  I shall try to get some chores done, whilst he sleeps.  Pen.



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8 responses to “The vet’s

  1. Unknown

    All sounds brilliant. I am a bit envious honestly; I do love the kitten and puppy stage–even the hard work of it. I suppose it’s my substitute for having children. But, I also adore how my cats have matured. Newt has settled into some ways that are quite endearing. He was a cute and fun kitten, but he’s turning into one fabulous companion as a full-grown cat. Happy Thursday!! xx

  2. penny

    I quite agree with you, Jake; youngsters are fun but the mature pets are worth the wait.

  3. penny

    Hiya Jane. Yes, our vet does puppy training classes and young Wendell and I shall attend them as soon as he has had his final jab. I cannot wait!!!! I shall look out for the book. Cheers.

  4. Chris

    Sounds like he’s settling in brilliantly !Good on him :-)Hope they manage to train you ell at the doggy classes he heTCCx

  5. Martin

    A week already, that has gone so quick. I bet you cannot wait till he can safely go out walkies :-) to see him discover the wider world, that is going to be so much fun

  6. Sheila

    Hi Pen sounds as though he is one happy little wendall.It should be fun at the training classes Jane has given you some sound advice. My sisters puppy is s till peeing where she shouldn’t what might that tip be

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