I received a postcard from my sister in St.Lucia, today.  She is still working on her house but is struggling to get a lot done, due to the heat and humidity.  She confesses to feeling a bit lonely.  Her fella is working hard over here and all her family are here as well.  Of course she has friends out there but this is the longest she has been separated from her family; not a price I would care to pay for paradise.




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4 responses to “Paradise….heavenly..ish

  1. Unknown

    I live with a constant underlying level of home-sickness (which of course sometimes comes out in full force). Being a world-traveller and loner, I never really thought I’d be all that effected. But I was dead wrong. Mostly I miss my way of life; but I also miss my parents dreadfully. I never spent a lot of time with them, but they were always right there when I needed them. I could just get in my car, point it west, and drive for an hour… leaving the overwhelmed and overburdened career and family woman behind and letting the little girl come out and play for awhile. There was always some fresh-from-the-oven home made treat and lunch was always fattening and wonderful. I could count on Mother to tell me what I was doing wrong in my life and Dad to look sceptically at me–he never could understand the way my career worked. Then I’d remember why I didn’t live at home anymore and be on my way–looking forward to getting back the life I’d made. Man I miss them.Oh look what I’ve gone and done! Now I’m cognizantly home sick. pfft. Right–I’m off to chant British words for an hour to get myself back to good. xx : )

  2. penny

    Lol, Jake. Mind, you painted an idyllic family.

  3. Chris

    I would !LOL

  4. Jane

    Now if you didn’t have a small puppy in need of constant play and training… You could ‘down tools’ and jump on a plane and pay a visit to your sister.

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