Misspent youth( Working)

42_01_75---Bath--Avon_web[1]This is a photo of the world famous Sally Lunns teashop.  I worked in the kitchen, here and sometimes as a waitress.  My boss was only a young lad of 19.  His mum owned the place.  He went out for the day and left us, his small workforce, running the place.  I had my best food fight ever here.  It started in the kitchen but escalated into war in the restaurant.  A boy we called spotty(for obvious reasons) cracked an egg on my head in full view of the customers.  Ten minutes later, we had to close the place as flour, clotted cream and strawberry jam flew everywhere.  It took us two hours to clean the place and replace the goods we had used as missiles.  We then re opened the shop.  When Brandt came back, we smiled sweetly and said it had been a quiet day. He never did find out what went on that day. Looking back, I can see how irresponsible we were but I’ll tell you what; we had the best fun.



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4 responses to “Misspent youth( Working)

  1. Robin

    Sounds like fun. Love water fights but never tried a food fight.

  2. Jane

    Penny…. You are naughty…. !!!! ROFLOL.

  3. Barry_Tessa

    My vision of an Angel has just gone out the window

  4. Sheila

    What a day that was Pen LOL Quiet mmmm

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