Little Izzy

My son and his family came round for a visit , yesterday.  Little Izzy is growing so fast.  When she sees her reflection in a mirror, she smiles and waves her hands about.  Wendell behaved himself throughout.  I did not put him in his crate because I want him to socialise but he was under orders to stay in his bed.  There was no barking or yelping.  A good time was had by all.

  My son is working an extra day for no extra money.  This is a knock on effect of the economy.  The pubs takings are down…typical. They moved into a larger flat a month ago and they are finding the extra space welcome.  Amber loves being a mum and is very good with Izzy.

  I am cooking pork stroganoff tonight, with basmati rice.  Yummy.  See ya, Pen.



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2 responses to “Little Izzy

  1. Robin

    Morning Penny. She is growing fast. Beautiful little girl.Glad Wendell behaved.That’s a pain, your son working an extra day for no money.Let’s hope it doesn’t happen often.Never had pork stroganoff. Umm, maybe i should.Can you share your recipe? See ya. Love

  2. Barry_Tessa

    Doesn’t seem 5 minutes since you told us you were off to hospital to visit.She like other babies is gorgeous.

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