For my friend Robin

The hedgehog, such a charming creature
With adorable little facial features
Button eyes and rubber nose
Quite a picture does he pose

Such a distinguished little gent
Trying to anoint a scent
Spikes like armour this funny clown
Bristling ball at slightest sound

Tail a pink hairless nub
Endearing animal that I love
On stubby legs you waddle around
Making huffing, snuffing sounds

Right out of a fairy tale
This enchanting fellow that I hail
Fuzzy belly soft and white
Quiet comrade of the night

Nodding sunny days away
Under starry skies he wakes to play
Live well my winsome little friend
Prosper well unto your end.



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4 responses to “For my friend Robin

  1. Robin

    Thankyou Penny. That describes Hedgehogs perfectly.I’m hoping Harry and his mate are ok. I put some nuts out yesterday, just in case they wake up early. Well, you never know. Thanks

  2. Sheila

    Super Smashing xx

  3. andro51

    this is a most exquisite poem my learned friend, I like the choices in words, which most definitely describe these prickly creatures of the night. you know I used to feed a regular visitor to my garden and this poem of yours fits him to a tee, well I say him, it could quite easily have been a she, but you know, I really enjoyed putting food out for this cheeky hedgehog, and the licking, slurping and munching sounds as he / she scoffed the feast was a rewarding experience, they are a lot taller than one imagines too… lol And those long tongues… Well you already know, how wicked they are… A fangtastic poem this one and I missed it until today, but what a great poem, you should re-add this one soon it’s brilliant…

    Androgoth XXx

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