QgyNxZHOv0.gif picture by penchef1

Little Wendell and I are settling into a comfortable routine already.  He is now running from the sitting room to the kitchen in order to use the newspaper there for his toilet.  He does not always make it to the paper but he gets ten out of ten for effort.  Since sleeping in the bedroom, he is quite settled.  He wakes at 4.30 a.m. for his first wee but that is when I wake naturally.  When I am on the computer, he sits in his basket and watches me.  We have three play periods and he kills his toys in true terrier fashion.  When I give him his treats of chicken, he sits for it.  I may be wrong but I think he is very bright to be doing this at such a tender age.  I already love the little scrap to bits.  When Terry returns from work, Wendell sits between his feet and will not move for an hour.  Cute, eh?




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6 responses to “Routine

  1. Unknown

    First of all… awwwww how precious! Second of all, 4:30! 4:30!! The ONLY time I’m up at 4:30 is because 1) I’m planning to shoot a deer (not a word, I’m from Texas remember?) or 2) I haven’t gone to bed yet… usually the latter. : 0

  2. Sheila

    I just love this little fella he is truly a little star. When you said he sits between Terry’s legs for an hour made me laugh oh how lovely. great picture. xx Sheila

  3. penny

    I get about 4 hours sleep a night, Jake. It is all my body seems to want.

  4. Jane

    Oh Penny… He is just so cute… I love puppies…. There is no better smell than puppy breath with kisses! It is so much easier to get the early training in when the puppy is young. They can learn so quickly. It’s when they are older and not used to using their brains and bad habits might have set in, that it’s hard. Settin ght ground rules now and teaching ‘sit’, ‘down’ or ‘go settle’ and ‘come’ are easy now… and Wendell will remember the commands as he’ll link them to titbits. Doggy payment for being good! Like we work for a wage, so dogs work for a reward too!Lets have more photos of him… pretty please!

  5. penny

    I know what you mean about puppy breath, Jane; warm digestive biscuity.

  6. Robin

    He watches you on the computer that’s so funny, and sits at Terry’s feet when he comes home! What a loyal little chap.

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